The lighting trends to shed light on in 2021 with expert tips from Sandeep Shukla

The perfect lighting in your house illuminates your entire living interior and makes it look aesthetic. Read More

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The lighting trends to shed light on in 2021 with expert tips from Sandeep Shukla

Lighting is the crucial element breaking the tie in a win-or-bust scenario for home decor. From setting the mood to increasing or decreasing the size of the room as needed, lighting is the crucial element in home decor that often finds the least resource allocation. 2021 brings a new perspective on everything around us. Why not check out the latest trends in lighting that could help you add a creative nuance to your home?

Find out about the lighting trends to follow this year and seek advice from Sandeep Shukla, Head of Marketing and Communications – Global Operations, Jaquar Group.

1. Keep it warm

Demand for warm light options gradually increased. Also in 2021 we will see that this tone of lighting is preferred. The gradations in warm or yellow light range from warm dark to warm light, especially when using LEDs. This is a perfect option for balancing mood lighting and functional lighting. Consumers who want several warm accents from a warm light can opt for a dimmer to use the same product multifunctionally. Table lamps in warm tones can also help create interesting silhouettes in underutilized corners, adding an interesting dimension to the room.

2. The growing need for lighting scenarios

One option that is growing and becoming more relevant every year is the technical lighting environment for private households. Lighting scenarios allow multiple lights and their intensity to be controlled via mobile applications. This is not only suitable for making houses “intelligent” and intuitive, it is also easy to control. In lighting scenarios, you no longer need to go to control panels or control panels to switch lights when you want to switch from reading a book to watching a movie in the same convenient spot on your couch. Most intelligent lights such as the Jaquar Vivid have a color palette and various options for color temperature and brightness.

3. Gold tones

Vintage appeal with modern reinterpretations is the way to go to choose wall and ceiling lights in 2021. Brass fittings and / or gold finishes are in. Their modern structural designs work as a statement piece when used over dining tables or centerpieces in a salon, adding a touch of glamor that goes a long way in making the decor look radiant.

4. Bold colors

Monochrome decor themes have their own charm. With the increasing shift towards minimalism in home decor, consumers want to add color and drama to their interiors by using brightly painted surfaces when it comes to lighting.

5. Portable lamps

The choice of lighting options for desks and tables is multifunctional. As we spend more and more time at home, these simple additions not only solve the need to illuminate dark spots in the house to make them functional, but they can also be transmitted wirelessly from room to room.

6. Facade lighting

As we try to do your home décor justice, we see greater interest in consumers looking for permanent and dramatic options to light up the exterior as well as the interior. We see this trend increase in 2021. Various options are available in this lighting segment that can add a touch of 3D elegance or drama to your outdoor area or door – whichever you prefer.

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