The Kitchen Cabinet Trend That Will Be Hot In 2023, According To A Design Expert

Cerra-Saunders sees wood kitchen cabinet doors surging in popularity. With a warm, natural look, this trend is sure to make the kitchen look even more inviting and cosy. “To avoid the bland look of the early 2000s, pick a wood species with a prominent grain such as walnut,” he advises. Walnut wood is a strong, versatile material that can add a sense of unique personality no matter how you choose to decorate, as is oak. “If going with an oak face, be sure that your door profile is clean and paired down to avoid looking stodgy,” Cerra-Saunders continues. As opposed to the glossy-coated repetitive look of faux wood finishes, designing your kitchen with the real deal has the ability to make your kitchen seem more lively.

If you like the veneer of wood but aren’t keen on the color, there are ways to work around it so it effortlessly fits into the theme of your room. “As for stain colors, avoid honey and reddish tones,” Cerra-Saunders suggests. “Think deep rich browns or ethereal whitewashes.”

Although the look of pure white kitchens is a fading trend, a whitewash brightens up the natural wood without diminishing the beauty of the grain. “Regarding door profiles, clean lines will still feel current,” Cerra-Saunders adds. “Go with a shaker or slab front, or iterations of. Avoid highly ornamental doors to keep your design fresh.”

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