The house inspector shares the expensive red flag to look for in a kitchen

  • House inspector Bryan Standley became TikTok famous for roasting upside down houses.
  • In his videos, Standley shows how house fins slide up and cut corners.
  • Home buyers should open each kitchen cabinet to identify costly installation problems, Standley said.

House inspector Bryan Standley has become a TikTok sensation for showing the different ways house fins can cut corners to save time and money.

Standley, based in Kansas City, Missouri, has inspected thousands of homes throughout his career and joined TikTok in January 2020 to share his tips and experiences. His videos have been viewed over 1 million times at the time of publication.

When it comes to kitchens, improperly installed cabinets are one of the biggest hidden problems Standley encounters.

If a cabinet looks sandwiched between devices or installed in a corner, it may not open properly, Standley told Insider.

At best, these cabinet installation problems are an inconvenience, but at worst, they can turn a kitchen into a money sink.

The cost of installing or replacing kitchen cabinets can range from $ 1,835 to $ 8,625, according to HomeAdvisor.

To identify poorly designed cabinets, Standley recommends opening and closing every door and drawer in the kitchen.

“A drawer may be blocked by the oven handle, or you may have to open the dishwasher to open the oven to open a drawer,” he told Insider.

Standley illustrated this process in a duet with TikToker @militaryhousingan, which he put on the Tetris theme song:

While Standley is happy to provide tips that can help future home buyers identify hidden problems in a home, his biggest recommendation is to hire a qualified home inspector.

To see more videos from Standley, follow him on TikTok @bryanstandley. For more information on his home inspection business, please visit

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