The house in North Okanagan lights up the neighborhood with a magical, ornate Christmas display – Okanagan

Al Wilkinson loves to get in the vacation mood, and in a big, glowing way.

Every year the Vernon man goes out of his way to decorate his Vernon home.

The display is elaborate and contains thousands of lights.

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“I think 14,000,” Wilkinson told Global News about how many lights he put up.

On lining up yards upon yards of lights, Wilkinson sets up dozens of larger-than-life inflatables in his front yard.

“We now have about 45 inflatables,” he said.

Every year the festive scene draws large crowds

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“We have 200 to 300 cars passing or stopping,” he said. “Sometimes I just sneak and look through the window of the house and just watch them and get the look on their faces.”

Okanagan residents are decorating their homes for Christmas earlier this year

Okanagan residents are decorating their homes for Christmas earlier this year – November 26, 2020

Wilkinson said it warms his heart to know that his Christmas display helps spread the joy of vacation.

“It just brings me to my heart here,” he said. “It’s good.”

The love work began about seven years ago when Wilkinson tried to retire from his day job. It was November and he had some free time to fill up.

“I bought $ 1,000 worth of Christmas lights. I set it up … it took about three months. In the end I went back to work, ”he said.

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“The next year I left, well, it’s not enough what I have. So over the years I’ve bought thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of stuff, and it ended up doing that. “

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Wilkinson starts lighting lights on November 1st each year and keeps everything on by the middle of the month.

There is an additional cost to the display, but Wilkinson said he doesn’t mind because it outweighs the joy and cheer it brings.

“Maybe $ 180 extra on the Hydro bill,” said Wilkinson. “It’s not the lights. The lights are cheap. But it’s people like that, 14-foot Santa and the big fans because they’re always running. “

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How long he wants to spread this joy, he said indefinitely.

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“As long as I wake up alive,” he said.

The house is on the corner of 43rd Street and 15th Avenue.

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