The hometown is filmed here

These days Laurel is in great shape. Not only does it have a thriving community, but it has also become a vacation destination. In January, the Napiers announced to Popsugar that more and more people were buying holiday homes in their small town. “As soon as a house comes on the market, it gets caught,” said Erin.

With Laurel in good shape, the Napiers now venture outside of their beloved hometown to spotlight Wetumpka, Alabama, in their new “Home Town: Takeover” series. Don’t panic, Home Town viewers, the busy couple won’t leave Laurel behind. Instead, they hope their new show will inspire small communities to band together and bring their cities back to life as well.

“We really hope that no matter where people live and watch our show, they see the value of where they come from … that they see what’s special [that place] and why it’s different from any other place in the world, “Erin told Popsugar.

From Laurel to Wetumpka, the Napiers are determined to remind people one by one of the beauty of small town life.

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