The homesick Irishman who lives in Canada transforms the garage into an authentic Dublin pub

An Irish expat is the toast of Toronto after turning his tiny garage into an authentic Dublin pub.

Kieron Daly moved from Ireland to Canada 20 years ago, but has never lost touch with his roots.

A proud Irishman who works as a production manager for a sign company, Daly lives in a quaint two bedroom cottage near the coast.

However, that’s what he plans to do in the small garage on the property where people are talking.

For the past two years, Daly has worked hard to turn the space into his own home.

According to blogTOIt all started when Daly got her hands on an old wooden bar from a pub in north Toronto.

The Irishman splashed out $ 125 and brought home the authentic center Piece and the hard work began.

Since then, friends, family, and locals have helped Daly source essentials for the bar, including faucets and various Guinness paraphernalia.

His efforts were greatly helped by his brother, who runs an old antique shop in Dublin and is only too happy to send things across the Atlantic to his homesick siblings.

However, Daly deserves most of the credit, especially for the floor and ceiling designs that Take over Cobblestone pavement in a Celtic inspired pattern.

The garage door is designed to create the illusion that you are sitting between whiskey barrels in an authentic, dimly lit cellar.

All of this makes for an impressive job and was completed in early 2020, which was the perfect time for Daly after the pandemic outbreak.

Before that, he’d drank up to 40 people in the bar while his bar, Brazen Angelz, performed for the thirsty guests.

These days, it’s Daly and his wife who came You lean on the bar and wait for the world to go back to normal.

But you can be sure that after the pandemic ends, he will be drawing pints again for friends and family. Slainte!

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