The Floor Trends That Will Take Over In 2023

Vintage style is again cycling around to make its mark on home decor. This is a stunning flooring choice that can add tons of color and character to your space. Retro-inspired vinyl flooring can be budget-friendly and easy to install. Add it to a small space like a powder room to test the waters or go all in and overhaul your kitchen floor.

As Build Direct points out, these retro flooring choices are a “blast from the past” that bring charm to your home. However, while graphic, many of the designs and patterns have become classics in home decor. This makes them statement-making flooring choices that can also stand the test of time.

For example, the iconic black and white checkboard patterned floor tile might take you back to the soda shop days. But, when fused with modern elements like gold accents and sleek cabinetry, it can add a welcoming vibe to a contemporary kitchen. Many of these retro vinyl tiles also featured stripes, chevron patterns, or geometric designs. You can add these everywhere from a living space to a bathroom to introduce color, movement, and tons of visual interest.

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