The concrete house hides a beautiful courtyard

Sun lovers, look elsewhere. This concrete box from a house in Perth, Australia looks like a giant block of cinder – and we mean that in a good way. Morq, an architectural firm from Italy and Australia, designed the Cloisters House for maximum privacy, meaning that there are only a few windows in sight.

The architects wrapped the house in stamped concrete like a present; To get to the good stuff, you have to go inside. The interior of the house opens to an airy courtyard full of plants and light. “The daily activities of the residents are constantly framed by the central emptiness,” the studio told Dezeen.

Givlio Aristide

Courtyard with plants and light

Givlio Aristide

The house is divided into two main areas – one for the owners and a second section at the opposite end of the house for the guests. Most of the rooms rely on the inner courtyard to let in soft, atmospheric light. While the bunker style trend isn’t for everyone, the magic of opening kitchen doors and just having a private alfresco dining setting is hard to argue with.

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