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Buying Guide for Pool Vacuum Cleaners

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Why buy a pool vacuum cleaner?

Dirt happens. And so do leaves, bugs, and other icky things when you have an outdoor pool. To keep algae and phosphorus at bay, it’s best to vacuum your pool once a week. This has always been a time-consuming, boring, and sweaty chore—up until now. Today’s pool vacuum cleaners are better than ever, and there are even robot vacuum options, just like your Roomba! You no longer need to carry heavy hoses around just to get your pool sparkly clean.

What should you consider in a pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Working components: Not every pool vacuum is built the same. Some use a garden hose to power their suction while others work on an electric charge, and others use your pool’s filter to suck out debris. If you don’t like losing water by using your pool’s filtration system, you may want to consider a chargeable vacuum or a water-powered pool vacuum cleaner.
  • Weight: Some pool vacuums are weighted, so they stay at the bottom of your pool and suck up the debris. Others are made with a lightweight design, so you can control the cleaning process without breaking your back. It’s important to get a vacuum that you can handle weight-wise. Some people have difficulty removing the heavier automatic vacuums without help.
  • Cleaning Capacity: How long can your new vacuum clean your pool on one charge? How much debris can its filter handle? If you live where there are a lot of trees and you get a lot of debris in your pool, you may want to invest in a higher-capacity pool vacuum cleaner both in charging capacity and filter capacity.

Is it okay to leave your pool vacuum cleaner in your pool all day?

In most cases, no. You’ll want to manage the situation by checking on your pool vacuum as it cleans. Some vacuums may reach filter capacity and may need to be changed out while you’re cleaning. Others may need to be moved either because they missed a spot or because they can get stuck. Leaving your pool vacuum cleaner in the pool also increases its exposure to chemicals that can break down the plastic and rubber parts of the vacuum.

Our Picks for the Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Top choice

Pros: We love this vacuum because it’s such a great value. While it comes with many bells and whistles, you may not need to use all of them. It’s pretty easy to use, and if you read the directions thoroughly, you’ll know which ones you need and which ones you don’t. Overall, this vacuum has amazing suction and cleans pool surfaces thoroughly. And it even cleans pool steps.

Cons: There is a learning curve to using this vacuum correctly, and it may not work for all pools.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for an affordable pool vacuum that works with most pools, check this one out. It cleans as well as premium pool vacuums that are 10 times the price.

Best for deep cleaning


$290.95 Save 31%

Pros: For one thing, this vacuum can clean a decent-sized pool with a single charge. So there’s very little fuss involved. The filter is easy to clean with just a garden hose. And with proper care and lubrication, this little pool vacuum will last you a long time.

Cons: The filter capacity is very small.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for a pool vacuum cleaner that you don’t have to hook up to your filter with heavy, bulky hoses, this may be a good choice for you. It holds its charge for a long time and is easy to assemble.

Best Handheld Choice

Pros: This is a great vacuum for smaller pools because you won’t have to worry about dragging around anything heavy. It keeps its charge for long enough to clean your pool a few times thoroughly. And it’s easy to assemble, even if you’re not very handy.

Cons: It takes a little longer than some larger vacuum options.

Bottomline: If you want to thoroughly clean your small pool or spa without a clunky, old-fashioned vacuum, go for this one. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and a fantastic value.

Best Cordless

Pros: We love how convenient this little vacuum is. It’s totally wireless and can hold a charge for four hours or more. It does an excellent job cleaning the bottom of the pool, even on the edges. All in all, it works as well as similar products that are five times the price.

Cons: This vacuum may release a bit of debris when it’s removed from the pool.

Bottomline: Here’s a convenient robot vacuum for your pool that won’t break the bank. The wheels are adjustable, so it works on bumpy pools as well as flat and angled pools. And there have been several recent upgrades that make this vacuum even better.

best value

Pros: This pool vacuum is uniquely designed to use the power of running water to clean your pool. That means no bulky tubes or heavy equipment. It’s lightweight and easy to use. And it’s powerful enough to suck up leaves and other dense debris.

Cons: The bag fills up quickly, so you need to stay on top of it.

Bottomline: If you’re looking for an affordable pool vacuum that works well, this is a nice option. It’s small yet powerful and doesn’t use your pool’s filter, so you won’t lose water while you vacuum.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of pool vacuum cleaners on the market that work with different kinds of pools: small pools, large pools, above-ground pools, and spas. Pick a pool vacuum cleaner that works best for your pool and needs. Be sure to charge, clean, and lubricate your pool vacuum as needed, and it will keep your pool clean and sparkling!

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