The best mop for wooden floors

Hardwood floors are a major selling point for homes, but great natural flooring comes with a responsibility for homeowners. As the name suggests, hardwood floors are made of wood, which can be damaged by excessive moisture. This is why it is so important to find the right mop for wooden floors. Standard string wipers tend to hold a lot of water, and they can scratch the finished surface as well. An ideal mop for wooden floors is more absorbent, easy to wring dry, and uses softer materials to shape the mophead.

If you have hardwood floors that you need to clean, check out our buying guide. We offer helpful information as well as product recommendations. At the top of our list is the Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop, an upright floor mop with a powerful rotary wash and options for wet mopping or dry polishing.

What to Know Before Buying a Wooden Floor Mop

Commercial pugs with wringer bucket systems typically use cotton-based mop heads, which are gentle on the floor but can be difficult to maintain over time. Household hardwood floor mops are more likely to be made from synthetic microfibers that are low in water consumption, mold resistant, and work well wet or dry. However, microfiber mop heads can be more expensive.

Another option is a disposable mop pad made of absorbent cellulose material or synthetic sponge. The key word here is disposable, which means a compromise between convenience and waste.

Open areas of hardwood floors benefit from a flat rectangular mop head often found in dry dust mops. A wider cleaning path can reduce overall time, but flat mop heads are not powerful gas scrubbers. An angled mop head extends deeper into the corners and can be used more aggressively.

Many traditional cotton mop heads use loops of wet fiber to scrub floors, while microfiber spin mops tend to use a round mop head with a loose arrangement of scrubbing fibers.

Mop for hardwood floors properties

While water and a minimal amount of detergent are recommended for hardwood floors, some mopping systems contain a special cleaning solution. An integrated spray bottle delivers the product on request, usually at the push of a button or by pulling the trigger. These cleaning solutions are especially helpful when cleaning dry or sticky dirt on site.

Hardwood floors can be damaged by aggressive mopping techniques, but sometimes a little more muscle is required. Some high-end mopping systems have electric motors that increase the scrubbing power of round mop heads made of cotton or microfiber. These spinning mop heads will also wring out excess water before mopping begins.

Mop for wooden floors cost

The cheapest microfiber or cotton mop that is suitable for hardwood floors costs $ 10-15, but durability is definitely an issue. A better quality microfiber mop costs around $ 15-20, while complete mopping systems or electric scrubbers start at $ 30 and can reach $ 100 or more.

Mop for wooden floors FAQ

I use a steam mop on the tile floor of my bathroom. Can I also use it for wooden floors?

A. Real parquet flooring – not an artificial wood grain laminate – is still a natural wood product and steam can penetrate the fibers and cause damage. This is especially true for unsealed wooden floors.

How often should i mop my wooden floors?

A. Finished wood floors will primarily benefit from daily sweeping with a dry dust mop or vacuum cleaner with a “bare floor” setting. You should wipe wet with a very dilute cleaning solution and a damp mop about once a week.

Which wooden floor mop should I get?

Best of the best mop for wooden floors

BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop: Available from Wayfair

Our attitude: this wet or dry spinner mop has the comfort of an upright stick vacuum and the power of a brush. Ideal for large areas with hardwood floors.

What we like: Efficient power scrubbing movement. Very light and easy to maneuver. Works on several types of hard floors. Releases cleaning fluid if necessary. Pads are gentle on the floor.

What we don’t like: Works better as a drying buffer than a deep cleaner. Pads get dirty quickly.

Best bang for your buck mop for hardwood floors

Microfiber Wholesale 18 Inch Professional Microfiber Mop: Available on Amazon

Our Approach: For homeowners who want to use plain water instead of cleaning fluids, this absorbent microfiber mop offers both a wet and a dry wipe option.

What we like: The 18-inch cleaning path is efficient in open spaces. The mop head can be wet or dry. Microfiber pads are machine washable. The adjustable handle offers space for smaller or younger users.

What we don’t like: Not easy to use in small, tight spaces. Some plastic parts break easily.

Honorable mention mop for hardwood floors

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop: Available from Amazon

Our Opinion: The O-Cedar hardwood mop is a great option for those who prefer soap buckets over chemical sprayers but still want to take advantage of microfiber mop heads.

What we like: Spin dryers generate minimal moisture. The triangular mop head reaches corners and crevices. No bending required; foot activated wringer.

What we don’t like: the bucket is oversized; challenging to fill from the sink. Mop is smaller than expected.

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