The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Coverage of 2023


Plumbing issues, such as leaky pipes or a malfunctioning hot water heater, can be more than just a nuisance. A leaky gas pipe is hazardous, and faulty water lines and fixtures can cause expensive damage to a home. The average homeowners insurance policy only covers repairs for certain plumbing issues, which means a homeowner may find themselves paying out of pocket following a leak in their home. While it would be nice, there is no such thing as plumbing insurance for homeowners.

Luckily, a home warranty that includes plumbing coverage can help fill in the gaps not covered by homeowners insurance. There are several aspects for homeowners to consider when choosing a home warranty, such as the claims process, monthly rates, and coverage amount.

The five home warranties featured in this roundup are unique in their qualities and approaches to plumbing coverage and provide homeowners with a form of insurance for plumbing. Homeowners who are in the market for a home warranty and want to make sure they have coverage for plumbing systems may want to consider the best home warranties for plumbing included on this list.

  1. BEST OVERALL: American Home Shield
  2. RUNNER-UP: Choice Home Warranty
  4. BEST ADD-ON COVERAGE: Liberty Home Guard
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Select Home Warranty

The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Warranty Companies for Plumbing Coverage

When shopping for the best home warranty for plumbing, there are many factors for homeowners to consider. Some home warranty companies feature lower monthly rates than others, but that will typically come with a higher service fee or lower coverage amount. The main factors for homeowners to keep in mind are explained in detail below.

Service Area

While many home warranty companies service large geographic areas, others may have a more limited service area. Home warranty companies may also employ or contract with a variety of technicians from a specific area, and it’s helpful for homeowners to know where these technicians are specifically located. If the home is located outside a contractor’s regular service area, the policyholder may need to wait longer to have someone fix the problem. This wait can be an issue if the fix is for a vital home system such as plumbing.

Many of the best home warranty companies contract with local companies to provide services. Homeowners will want to look into whether the warranty company works with the best plumbing services in the area.

Plumbing Coverage Amount

Home plumbing issues can get costly fast. Fixtures, piping, and appliances are expensive, as can be the labor involved with replacing or repairing them. That’s why, when a homeowner needs plumbing repaired, they’ll want to make sure they have a sufficient amount of home warranty coverage. This amount can limit how much a home warranty will cover to make a repair, which could leave the policyholder paying out of pocket for a particularly expensive repair.

For instance, it can cost $500 or more for parts and labor to replace a toilet. If a home warranty plan has a plumbing coverage limit of $300, the policyholder will need to pay that extra $200 themselves. That cost can be even higher for a major appliance such as a hot water heater.

Policies and Plans

Many home warranty companies offer multiple plans for homeowners to choose from when they’re looking for plumbing coverage. These plans can differ from each other in many ways. Some plans only cover home systems, while others only cover appliances—and some cover both. Likewise, plans and policies can be very specific about what they will and won’t cover.

For instance, an older home with older fixtures would benefit from a plan that covers repairs and replacements of toilets, tubs, and sinks. A side-by-side comparison between the available plans can help homeowners illuminate the differences in coverage to determine which will best suit their needs. A more expensive plan might cover unneeded extras, like septic tank or well pump coverage, for example.

Average Monthly Rate

The average monthly rate is a big determining factor for many homeowners when they’re deciding if they need a home warranty in the first place. After all, if the rate is too high and the homeowner doesn’t file any claims, it might feel like they’re wasting their money. On the other hand, the main appeal of home warranties is the peace of mind they can bring to homeowners; that’s especially true for someone considering or in the process of buying an older home with an unknown maintenance history.

The monthly rate can vary depending on geographic location and the level of coverage the homeowner requires. Some home warranty companies may offer the same plumbing coverage across multiple plans, which can include more budget-friendly ones.


Homeowners may not consider discounts when shopping for a home warranty, but many home warranty companies offer discounts or promotions on appliances or services to their customers. These discounts can range from smart-home installations to rebates on certain appliances.

While these discounts may not seem like a big reason to sign up for a home warranty, they can be a deciding factor when a homeowner is choosing one company over another. This may be a consideration for a homeowner who is planning a major remodel or renovation; with deep enough discounts, the warranty can pay for itself.

Along with promotions for appliances and services, many home warranty companies offer discounts on their home warranty premiums. These discounts can include special pricing for military veterans, first responders, or AARP members.

Service Fee

When a homeowner makes a claim on their home warranty policy, they will be required to pay a service fee—a flat fee applied to each claim made. This fee is outlined by the home warranty company in the contract and is usually charged per event. That means if a claim is filed for a leaky sink and the technician has to order a part, the policyholder won’t be required to pay another service fee when the technician returns to finish the repair.

The exact way each home warranty company handles service fees can depend on the company and the plan. Some companies will limit the number of visits that can be covered under the same fee. Where some plans charge a higher monthly fee and a lower service fee, others charge the opposite.

Quote Process

The process for homeowners to get a quote for home warranty coverage differs from company to company. Some companies will require the homeowner to call and speak to an agent, while others may provide an online estimate. However, in order to provide an accurate quote, the home warranty company will need to collect specific information from the homeowner, including details like the address, age of the home, and ownership status. Homeowners will want to be wary of a company that claims to provide a precise quote without this information.

Claims Process

Homeowners will want to know what to expect when filing a claim through their home warranty company. A company could have low rates and high coverage limits, but a bad claims process can cancel out these benefits. Each company’s claims process works differently; some companies offer a 24/7 call center, while others may require policyholders to file a claim online or by email.

Home warranty companies can also differ when it comes to payment. Some companies require the customer to pay the technician first, then submit the bill to the home warranty company for reimbursement. Other companies will pay the technician directly without involving the policyholder at all. Each company has a slightly different process, and the length of time for a claim to be serviced and paid can vary.

Workmanship Guarantee

The workmanship guarantee is the length of time a home warranty company guarantees its parts and/or labor after a job is completed. Depending on the company, this guarantee might range from several days to multiple years. A longer workmanship guarantee signals to homeowners that the warranty company is confident in the skills and professionalism of its technicians or contractors. If the guarantee is for 30 days and the system or appliance has issues 31 days after the repair, the policyholder will need to file a new claim entirely, whereas a guarantee of 1 year means any related repairs will likely be covered by the same claim.

Our Top Picks

Choosing a home warranty company can be overwhelming for many homeowners. This list narrows down the five best home warranty companies for plumbing, highlighting what makes each of them worthy of consideration.


Why It Made the Cut: AHS offers extensive plumbing coverage for all of its home warranty plans, placing extra emphasis on covering undetectable pre-existing issues as well as rust and corrosion.

American Home Shield is an established home warranty company with over 50 years in the business. It services 49 states (excluding Alaska), so homeowners in most areas of the country can take out a policy. AHS offers unlimited plumbing system coverage, which means policyholders won’t need to worry about paying out of pocket for a plumbing repair (beyond the service fee). Every AHS plan includes plumbing coverage, so if there’s a qualifying failure in a plumbing system, it’s covered by an AHS home warranty. While the workmanship guarantee of 30 days is on the shorter side, this is counterbalanced by the company’s unlimited plumbing coverage, which is relatively unique in the home warranty industry.

AHS includes things that other home warranties don’t. For instance, it will cover undetectable pre-existing conditions as well as rust and corrosion. For older homes, this can be a lifesaver. AHS also offers ProConnect, a service that connects policyholders with qualified contractors to do work outside of the warranty. This means a homeowner won’t need to do their own research to find the right person for the job—AHS can make the connection on their behalf.


  • Service area: 49 states and Washington, D.C. (not available in Alaska)
  • Plumbing coverage amount: Unlimited
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • Plumbing system coverage included with every plan
  • Coverage for undetectable pre-existing conditions
  • Rust and corrosion coverage
  • Unlimited plumbing repair work
  • Additional on-demand plumbing services available via AHS ProConnect


  • Short 30-day workmanship guarantee

The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Coverage Option Choice Home Warranty


Why It Made the Cut: Choice Home Warranty offers speedy customer service combined with competitive monthly rates and plumbing coverage in every plan, making it a solid choice for a home warranty that includes plumbing.

Choice Home Warranty offers two plans, both with a plumbing warranty, giving homeowners the coverage they need no matter which plan they choose. These two plans charge the same service fee of $85, which is relatively high, but it’s balanced out by that low monthly rate.

Choice also excels in customer service, responding to claims within 4 hours of the service request. This quick turnaround time means homeowners won’t be waiting around for plumbing repairs. Additionally, while many home warranty companies require a waiting period before their policies take effect, Choice Home Warranty waives the waiting period for policyholders who have an existing home warranty; others will need to wait 30 days for coverage to take effect.


  • Service area: 48 states and Washington, D.C. (not available in California or Washington)
  • Plumbing coverage amount: $3,000
  • Service fee: $85
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days labor, 90 days parts


  • Plumbing system coverage included with every plan
  • Relatively low average monthly rate
  • Waiting period waived for customers with an existing home warranty
  • Quick claim response within 4 hours of service request


  • No service fee flexibility

The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Coverage Option: AFC Home Club


Why It Made the Cut: It’s clear AFC Home Club stands by its technicians and their work in addition to providing a lengthy workmanship guarantee and giving policyholders flexibility in the technician they use.

AFC stands out as a top home warranty company for many reasons. The first is a 5-year guarantee on the monthly rate. Even if rates go up for new customers, a current policyholder will enjoy the same low rate they signed up for until the end of their first 5 years of coverage. While AFC plumbing coverage is limited to $500, plumbing stoppage has a limit of $300, which is relatively low, but if a homeowner is on top of maintenance and is careful about what goes down the drain, this is unlikely to be an issue.

The biggest draw of an AFC Home Club home warranty is its 1- or 3-year workmanship guarantee, which runs the entire length of the 1- or 3-year policy. This means that if a follow-up repair is needed, the fix is free within 1 or 3 years of the original claim. Along with that, customers have the option to select their own technician, which means they can use a trusted plumber rather than an unknown contractor sent by their warranty company.


  • Service area: 49 states and Washington, D.C. (not available in Hawaii)
  • Plumbing coverage amount: $500
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 1 or 3 years


  • 5-year guarantee on monthly rate
  • Customer-selected technician option
  • Long 1- or 3-year workmanship guarantee


  • Low $300 plumbing stoppage coverage limit

The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Coverage Option Liberty Home Guard


Why It Made the Cut: Liberty Home Guard knows each home is different, which is why it offers customizable coverage in the form of add-ons, making it perfect for a home with unique needs.

Homeowners who choose Liberty Home Guard can select numerous add-ons that allow them to tailor their home warranty coverage to their specific needs. For instance, plumbing options are available for septic systems, sump pumps, ejector and grinder pumps, and more. With all of these options available, homeowners can customize their plan for their home and budget.

While Liberty Home Guard’s waiting period of 60 days may be longer than average, that wait can be worth it for homeowners with specific needs for a customizable home warranty. Once this waiting period has ended, policyholders can take advantage of a great home warranty with a service fee as low as $60.

For a home with unique plumbing and appliances, Liberty Home Guard is a great choice. At its core, Liberty Home Guard offers three different plans: Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard, which covers appliances and systems.


  • Service area: 48 states and Washington, D.C. (not available in Washington or Wisconsin)
  • Plumbing coverage amount: $500
  • Service fee: $60 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • Wide variety of service add-ons
  • Ejector and grinder pump coverage available
  • Low $60 service fee available


  • Potentially long 60-day waiting period

The Best Home Warranties for Plumbing Coverage Option Select Home Warranty


Why It Made the Cut: Select Home Warranty is frequently rated one of the best home warranty providers in the business and offers solid coverage.

Select Home Warranty offers numerous discounts to help policyholders reduce their cost of coverage. For instance, a homeowner can get 2 free months of coverage in exchange for making an annual payment rather than paying their premiums monthly. While the year must be paid for up front, a discount like that makes a home warranty more affordable over the long term.

Select does not offer to file claims over the phone, which can be a downside for customers who prefer to talk with a person directly. However, for customers who are comfortable with an online form or email, this may not be a concern.

Select’s Gold Care and Platinum Care plans both offer plumbing coverage, though the average monthly cost of these plans is on the higher end. However, Select often runs promotions for new customers, so it’s possible for a homeowner to get one of these plans at a significant discount. Overall, the number of discounts Select offers can mean big savings for customers.


  • Service area: 47 states and Washington, D.C. (not available in Nevada, Washington, or Wisconsin)
  • Plumbing coverage amount: $500
  • Service fee: $70 to $100
  • Claims process: Online, email
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • 2 months of free coverage with annual payment
  • Frequent promotional discounts


  • Relatively high average monthly rate
  • No phone option for submitting claims

Our Verdict

We named American Home Shield Best Overall due to its comprehensive coverage and unlimited plumbing coverage, which means policyholders are completely covered for qualified repairs. Choice Home Warranty comes in as the Runner-Up, as it offers a great deal of value for a home warranty that covers plumbing.

How We Chose the Best Home Warranty Companies for Plumbing Coverage

When making this list, we researched and analyzed a wide variety of home warranty companies. We accounted for brand reputation, customer service, service costs, and plumbing coverage limits. Home warranty companies that didn’t cover plumbing or had too many caveats in their service were eliminated. We then narrowed the list down, researching each company’s terms of service and sample contracts, if available.

After all the research and analysis, these five home warranty companies came out ahead. Their unique features were considered to set them apart from the competition. The list was built to emphasize the home warranty companies with extensive coverage, value, reliability, and flexibility.

Before You Choose One of the Best Home Warranty Companies for Plumbing Coverage

Home warranty coverage for plumbing isn’t for everyone. For example, a handy homeowner who has picked up a lot of plumbing tips over the years may be able to complete simple plumbing repairs themselves. Similarly, if the home is a new build with new water lines and fixtures, the homeowner may not be worried about the plumbing failing.

However, when a homeowner considers the cost of calling a plumber, going without a home warranty can seem like a risky idea. Plumbing repairs are expensive, as are repairs for any other major systems that are failing. One great thing is that home warranty companies rarely cover only plumbing—policyholders can have their other systems and appliances covered as well.

Cost of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies for Plumbing Coverage

The cost of a home warranty is a major factor for homeowners to consider when deciding which home warranty company to choose. Depending on the monthly bill, the service fee charge, and the amount the service is used, the cost can vary widely. The typical range for a home warranty is $264 to $1,425 per year, with the national average cost at $600 per year.

For example, say a home’s hot water heater breaks and requires a major repair (or even a replacement); in this case, the home warranty will likely pay for itself that year. However, if the home’s major systems and appliances are newer or well maintained, the homeowner may not need to use the warranty and may choose to put that money toward an emergency savings fund rather than a policy premium.

The Advantages of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies for Plumbing Coverage

Choosing the best home warranty for plumbing means picking coverage that will protect the home and one of its most important systems. When a homeowner opts for a policy from one of these companies, they’re choosing a proven history, reputation, and connections to qualified technicians.
The best companies will offer coverage for plumbing systems and appliances without many caveats. This can come in handy, especially when buying or selling a home; it’s not a good idea to put finances at risk before or after a home sale because of a plumbing problem. For long-term homeowners, the appeal is clear: the ability to sleep soundly at night while feeling protected against any potential plumbing problems.

  • Plumbing repairs can be expensive. A home warranty can quickly pay for itself if a homeowner needs to make a claim.
  • The best home warranty companies work with qualified technicians to get the plumbing issue fixed quickly.
  • A home warranty makes it easier for homeowners to budget for plumbing repairs and replacements.


Home warranties can be a complex topic. Many people have similar questions about how home warranties work, which one is right for them, how coverage varies, and who covers water damage, among other things.

Q. What does a home warranty cover?

Each home warranty covers different systems and appliances and often lists them on its website. In general, home warranties cover whole-home systems (heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, etc.) and/or major appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc.).

Q. Will my home warranty cover plumbing repairs?

Does a home warranty cover plumbing? Yes and no. Depending on the warranty, it may cover part or all of the plumbing repair. It won’t cover water damage, however; if it’s covered at all, it will likely be by the homeowners insurance policy.

Q. How do I know which home warranty is right for me?

The best home warranty fits an individual homeowner’s needs and budget. For instance, if someone is moving into a home with old appliances, a warranty that covers them could be in their best interest.

Q. Does a home warranty for plumbing cover water damage repairs?

No, home warranties do not cover water damage. Sudden and accidental water damage from plumbing is usually covered by homeowners insurance. However, a home warranty may cover repair or replacement of the system or appliance that caused the water damage.

Q. How many repairs does a home warranty for plumbing cover?

This depends on the home warranty company and the plan. Some offer unlimited repairs, while others may put a limit on the visits or on the total amount spent.

Q. Will my home warranty for plumbing be valid if I move to another state?

This depends on the home warranty company. Many home warranties are only available in certain states. The home warranty company will need to be contacted about transferring the old home warranty to the new home.

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