The best cheap lawnmower deals for April 2021

This is still an excellent time to find a great deal on lawn mowers. Retail stocks are high, and if you can achieve a lot on last year’s model, you can often save a bundle. Lawn care is more than just mowing, but a good lawnmower is key. We have found the current best deals on lawn mowers and will update this post all year round.

Today’s Best Lawn Mower Deals For Presidents Day

How to choose a lawn mower

Choosing a new lawnmower is awfully complicated. However, if you are inexperienced in pushing a lawnmower up through long wet grass or dealing with unruly gas mower motors, the following considerations can help you choose the right lawnmower for your yard and budget, and your own comfort.

  • Fuel: The first choice is fuel. Many people automatically only consider gasoline-powered lawn mowers because they feel that electric mowers are not powerful enough for their lawn. If you have a lot of growing space, gas-powered mowers are probably your best choice, but newer models of electric mowers, corded or cordless, are more powerful than they were a few years ago. Gas mowers can be a little cheaper than corded electric mowers, but the difference isn’t that big. In addition, electric mowers do not require the same care and maintenance as gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Electric mowers are so quiet that if you tend to mow early or late in the day, you will be less annoying to other family members or neighbors. While you can’t use a corded electric mower during a power outage, with gas-powered mowers you need to make sure you always have enough gas to get the job done. Raise your hand if you’ve run out of gas, half-mowed your lawn and ran out of cans in your garage. (Both of my arms are raised because it happened multiple times.) Cordless electric lawn mowers, also known as battery powered lawn mowers, cost more than corded electric lawn mowers cut long grass. The biggest advantage of cordless electrics, however, is that you don’t have to mess with a long power cord. Depending on the length of your cord and the pattern you are mowing your lawn with, moving a cord after each row can be a hassle. Plus, there’s always the chance that you could run across the wire and destroy it and even short out your home’s electrical circuit. (I raise my hand here, too.) Gas mowers use gasoline, and you need to make sure they have enough engine oil. Gasoline mowers are surprisingly sturdy, however, likely because a lot of people expose them to the elements outside so manufacturers make sure they are durable. Gas mowers, whether larger walk-behind models or ride-on mowers, are still the best choice for large lawns. I would use an electric mower for up to half an acre, possibly a little more, but if I had to mow the lawn for more than an acre I would buy a small ride-on or tractor mower with a gas engine. At least that way, you could be competing in neighborhood lawnmower races.
  • Size: The size of the lawnmower is generally measured in terms of the cutting path width. If you buy a mower with a 15- to 17-inch cutting path and have more than one tiny lawn, you’re going to walk a lot. Buy bigger, the price increase isn’t often that big. For half an acre lawn, a cutting path of 19 to 21 inches or more is likely fine. On the other hand, one of my neighbors has a ride-on lawnmower that is better suited to several acres than his tiny yard. In some areas there is hardly enough turning space. If we had lawn mower races in the neighborhood I could see this, but we don’t and their big mower looks a bit silly. Large mowers cost more, use more fuel, and also require more storage space.
  • Thrust, self-propelled, riding or robot: If you have a small, level yard, a push mower is fine. If you have more than a quarter of an acre of grass (not your lot size), consider a self-propelled mower, especially if your yard has an incline or small hills. With more than an acre, or possibly two acres to mow, consider ride-on or even yard tractors that can accommodate other accessories like snow plows or snow blower attachments, and can also pull yard or garden carts. Robotic lawnmowers are not very common in the US yet, and those that tend to be expensive and not often available for sale. Friends in europe. However, tell me that robotic lawn mowers are very common so we may see a bigger influx with lower prices in the next few years.

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