The Average Deadlines for Popular Home Improvement Projects Catoosa Walker News

Home renovation projects are significant endeavors. Working with qualified and experienced contractors ensures that projects run smoothly and are completed promptly. Timing is a big consideration for homeowners when they start renovating their homes. The home improvement experts at HomeAdvisor note that below are some general schedules for popular home renovation projects.

  • Home Addition: In addition to extensive demolition and rebuilding, home additions are the most time consuming projects a homeowner can undertake. HomeAdvisor notes that the survey of customers who recently completed home expansion projects found that the average time from start to finish was between three and four months. Certain variables, including the size of the project and the local approval process, can add to the time it takes to complete a home addition.
  • Kitchen Remodeling: Scaling is an important factor in estimating the time it will take to complete various home improvement projects, and kitchen remodeling is no exception. Some HomeAdvisor users reported that projects lasted up to four months, although the average reported time was around six weeks. Projects that require a major overhaul, such as Such as rearranging the plumbing and movable walls, are likely to take longer than cosmetic projects that only involve changing cabinets and countertops.
  • Bathroom Remodeling: More than 1,000 homeowners surveyed by HomeAdvisor reported that bathroom remodeling took around 4.5 weeks from start to finish. Small conversions that involve painting the walls a fresh color and replacing existing tiles can be completed in less than two weeks. But as with kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling by replacing plumbing fixtures and removing walls takes much longer.
  • Siding installation: HomeAdvisor users report that new siding projects take approximately two weeks from start to finish. This estimate is the same regardless of what materials homeowners replace and install.
  • Replacement Windows: Homeowners looking to replace all of the windows in their home can expect such a project to take approximately three weeks. HomeAdvisor notes that such a schedule need not affect homeowners worried that they will be forced to brave the elements during the project’s duration. Much of a contractor’s time during a window replacement project is spent pre-dimensioning and ensuring a tight fit after the windows are installed.

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