The air conditioning technician died while working in the Avondale attic

Steven Bell had worked in the industry for years before he was pronounced dead Thursday night, friends and family said.

AVONDALE, Arizona – EDITORS NOTE: The video above was taken from a Friday morning news bulletin.

An air conditioning technician who died Thursday night in a homeowner’s attic had been in the industry for years, friends and family said.

Steven Bell was pronounced dead Thursday night after being dragged from the attic in a house near Lower Buckeye Road and Avondale Boulevard.

Bell’s daughter Tiffany Sullivan said her father had worked in air conditioning for decades.

“He was full of life. He was funny. He loved the most, he loved everyone, and everyone loved him,” Sullivan said.

“Right now everything is a big blur and I’m really deaf.”

Bell was working on the air conditioning in the home of Seth Grasteit and his wife Diana when he died.

Seth Grasteit said they have known Bell for two years, that he has come to fix their air conditioning.

Grasteit said he showed up around 5:30 p.m. Thursday and got to work straight away.

He said Bell went up to the attic a second time after coming down to “fiddle” with the thermostat about 15 to 20 minutes later and never came back down.

Then he went to check on the technician.

“We just had the disgusting feeling that something was wrong,” said Grasteit.

“When I got up there, I couldn’t feel a pulse. We’re just in complete shock.”

Grasteit said he found Bell with a hand “that was in the wires under the fan motor next to a full bowl of water.”

The paramedics from the Avondale and Phoenix Fire Department responded and brought down Bell, but he was already dead.

It was well over 100 degrees on Thursday, but the exact cause of Bell’s death is not yet known.

The Phoenix Fire Department said the coroner would investigate the man’s cause of death.

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