The air conditioning business hit with a maximum fine

Melbourne Magistrates Court has ordered an air conditioning company to pay the maximum fine for violating consumer law.

In a civil lawsuit initiated by Consumer Affairs Victoria, Australia, heating and air conditioning systems in Victoria, Australia were fined $ 20,000 in costs and $ 100,000 in damages to customers.

The court found that the company accepted money from customers but did not provide those goods and services.

The company also violated a 2012 enforceable company regulations that required the company to repay certain consumers.

The court said that Australia Heating and Air Conditioning had committed misleading and misleading behavior in soliciting payments when prevented from doing so by the court.

Aside from the fine, the company’s managing director, Mardi Angela Tovey, was banned from running a company until July 2024, while complainant Richard Francis Luke Tovey is banned until July 2018.

The company was also ordered by the court to keep a notice on its website by July 1, 2015 stating that the company “accepts payments for the delivery of goods and services but does not deliver the contracted goods and services Has”.

In addition, the Toveys have been prevented from accepting payments for heating or air conditioning installations before they complete the work.

In a statement, Consumer Affairs Victoria said this was not the first investigation that a Toveys affiliate was involved in.

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