The 7 best outdoor motion sensor lights of 2021

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Too much artificial light at night is linked to a number of environmental problems.

Plants and animals rely on the natural rhythm of day and night to control their reproductive, sleep and migration patterns and to protect them from predators. Urban light pollution from outside sources such as parking lots and streets, as well as residential and office buildings, interferes with these vital biological activities. If you leave the lights on, your CO2 emissions will also increase. The United States emits around 15 million tons of carbon annually just to power exterior lighting in residential buildings.

Installing motion sensor lighting in your home will save you money and energy, and will help solve some of the problems associated with keeping lights on all the time. They are also an inexpensive option to deter intruders. Choose a model that has the appropriate type of light that adequately covers the area (usually 75 to 100 square feet) that you want to brighten, such as a bathroom. B. Walkways to your front and back doors, driveways, patios, decks, or dangerous places like swimming pools and stairs.

Here are some of the best models of outdoor sensor lights:

Final verdict

There are energy-efficient outdoor lighting options for almost every situation. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, wireless solar option, Baxia technology (view on Amazon) is a great, all-round affordable choice.

Would you like more security? Let Ring’s floodlight-camera combo (view of Home Depot) be your eye in the night sky.

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