Tamil Nadu is soliciting tenders for solar lighting systems for 385 houses in Tiruvallur

The DRDA (District Rural Development Agency), government of Tamil Nadu, has submitted offers for the supply, installation and commissioning of solar-powered LED-based lighting systems for residential buildings in 385 houses in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. The installation of lighting systems for private households is covered by the Chief Minister’s “solar-powered greenhouse program”.

In addition to installing the solar-powered house lighting systems, the successful bidder also has to carry out extensive maintenance for five years.

Interested bidders are required to submit an amount of £ 116,000 (~ $ 1,578) as a serious cash deposit.

The final date for submitting bids is February 10, 2021 and bids will open on the same day. The pre-bid meeting will take place on January 19, 2021.

In order to participate in the tender process, the bidder should be a registered manufacturer of solar PV systems and use modules made in India. The bidder should have experience in the delivery and installation of 150 residential solar lighting systems for the last three financial years prior to the date of submission of the bid.

In relation to the financial criteria, the bidder’s minimum annual turnover should be at least GBP 30 million (~ USD 408,163) in any of the past three financial years.

The preliminary quantity in blocks is given in the table:

According to the tender documents, the supplier should complete 20% of the work within two months, 40% of the work within the next two months and the remaining 40% in the next two months. The entire work for the delivery, installation and commissioning of solar house lights should be completed within six months from the date of handover of the ready-to-install houses.

The modules used in the project should be native crystalline modules with a power of at least 50 Wp. A performance guarantee of at least 90% at the end of 12 years and 80% at the end of 25 years should be granted for the modules.

The color temperature of the white LEDs used in the system should be in the range of 5500 ° K to 6500 ° K. The power consumption of the LED light should not be more than 7 W x 2 (each in the hall and veranda) and 5 W x 2 (each in the bedroom and in the kitchen) and 3W x 1 in the toilet.

According to Mercom’s India Solar Tender Tracker, a total of seven tenders for 9,446,503 solar lighting systems have been published by various organizations across India to date.

Last year, the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) submitted bids to qualify providers for renewable energy projects and energy-efficient appliances in the state. The scope of work included the procurement and delivery of energy-saving devices, the delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of LED lights, energy-efficient pump sets and projects for the generation of renewable energy.

Previously, Mercom reported that Tamil Nadu had published 43 tenders for the supply, installation and commissioning of LED-based solar lighting systems in 53,734 homes in rural areas of the state. The project fell under the Chief Minister’s “solar-powered greenhouse program” for 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Rakesh is a reporter at Mercom India. Before joining Mercom, he held many roles as business correspondent, editorial assistant, senior editor and editor at bcfocus.com, CIOReview / Silicon India, Connect Communication and Bangalore Bias. Rakesh holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). More articles from Rakesh Ranjan.

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