Talking About Concrete: Cameron Murray Discusses a Material Critical to Modern Life

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Cameron Murray

This month’s Short Talks from the Hill features Cameron Murray, assistant professor of civil engineering.

Murray’s research interests include the performance of rapid-setting and pre-stressed concrete, as well as bridge evaluation and load distribution. He recently received a $140,000 grant from the US Department of Transportation to study the most effective soil-cement mixtures for use in waterway structures.

“Most people live in a house with a concrete foundation,” Murray says in the podcast. “They have concrete paths outside. They might park their car in a concrete driveway. They probably drive over a concrete bridge deck on the way to work. Many people work in concrete buildings, and, in fact, concrete’s used in the tallest buildings and the longest bridges in the world… I think the statistic I’ve seen is that it’s the second most widely used material on earth behind water.And we have to use water in concrete, so you know we make more concrete than…almost anything else .”

To listen to the podcast, click the link above or go to Arkansas Research, the home of science and research news at the University of Arkansas.

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