Tableaux, America’s leading designer and maker of custom decorative grills for hotel and home design, today announced a new home design retail program

Austin, Texas – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Tables® [ta-bloh] (, America’s leading designer and manufacturer of custom decorative grills for hotel and home design, today announced a new home design retail program.

Interior design and decoration professionals are seeing an increasing interest in homeowners looking for unique statement pieces for their interior that reflect their personality, individual style and culture. Finding such items can be both challenging and time consuming.

“Design-conscious homeowners value creativity and uniqueness,” says René Michaels, VP Marketing & Operations at Tableaux. “They want that special something that cannot be seen everywhere and is not available to everyone.”

The new Tableaux retail program enables design professionals to work directly with Tableaux to offer their customers a truly unique decorative product made from sustainable materials that can be customized for a wide variety of design / décor applications.

As can be seen in their beautiful lookbook at, the decorative tableaux grids can be used for art niches and serving hatches, ceiling decorations, decorative accents and wall art, doors and cabinets, exterior decorations, partitions & room dividers, window treatments and other various decorations.

Each tableaux decorative grille is custom-made and absolutely unique. Each is custom made to match the style, size, shape, density and surface color you specify.

“Homeowners can choose from hundreds of design samples in our design library, bring their own for us, or let us create a design based on their own creative ideas,” said Michaels. “Our process is like commissioning a work of art for your interior and home decor.”

The Tableaux Design Trade program is offered to eligible independent interior designers, decorators, architects, bespoke home builders, home remodelers and other design professionals who provide homeowners with specific home improvement services or decoration products. Please visit for more information

About tables

Tableaux ( is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke decorative grilles for hotel design and home decor. Decorative grids are an openwork architectural art form made up of design patterns made by cutting openings in various materials. Tableaux is an American small business with a culturally diverse team of artisans who use environmentally friendly materials from America to make their products.

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