Stunning designs for organizing kitchen cabinets that you can incorporate into your home

Open shelves can also add dimension and, according to the Magnolia Market blog, “give your space a finishing touch and are also a space-saving and organizational solution.

“What is a little more difficult about open shelves are the technical aspects such as construction, installation or even room planning. The good news is that there is an open shelf that works well for you, whether you’re ready to take on a shelf project on your own or leave it to the professionals. “

Even if you have a smaller kitchen, there are ways you can use this to your advantage.

“To make sure your pantry organization is up to date, you need to master the art of stacking,” explained Real Simple. The magazine consulted interior designer and self-described home therapist Anita Yokota, who recommended clear stackable containers that “are perfect for storing tea towels, bed linen and packaged goods”.

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