Steal This House Filming Locations and Exclusive Details regarding the Series

Feel this house is a series that shows an entirely different approach to the home buying facilities, which promises the buyers who are very much awaited to buying new homes can look forward to Limited inventory, which the producers of the series have said. The series shows have bought less expensive perfect properties is one of the significant looks out and turning the property into a dream house is one of the important jobs that can be done. The lead character of the series is looking forward to doing the same work by turning whatever she did into an excellent opportunity for the future.

Cast and Characters of the series Steal This House

The series consists of only a single lead actress who is Cristy Lee. It was seen in the series that she is an automotive engineer, and the motorcycle is a potent force for the women in the automotive industrial now, and she is looking forward to prospective owners. The 6 episode series is eventually based on home renovation ideas. The series is based on her single efforts and does not consist of any other lead character. Still, there are recurring characters who are not particularly named directly by the series’ producers but have few recognitions throughout the series. A lead cast series for a female is tough to recognize, but the series Steal This House has done well in viewership.

Steal This House Release Date

Release Date and Production Details of the series Steal This House

The series Steal This House successfully premiered on HGTV on the 9th of July 2022, which was the Saturday, and the first episode of the series was released successfully. The series has been quite challenging as the 6 episode series is a huge risk for the producers. HGTV took the major initiations for the release of the series, and it is seen that the first season of the series has been quite successful since its release on the 9th of July. Few episodes of the series are yet to be released, which will be released on the sixth and 13th of August.

Steal This House story

Plot and Storyline of the series Steal This House

The story of the series Steal This House revolves around Cristy Lee, who gradually helps her clients to look forward to inexpensive properties which are impressive altogether. She provides a dream renovation plan for these houses and how the bulky apartment can be transformed into a dream potential as it is only seen in the series that it revolves around people who are buying a particular house or apartment at a very low cost and then transferring and renovating it to a dream house and dream potential. She wants to move very close to her family in the beautiful Leland, but due to lack of money, she is completely out of budget. She looks forward to finding her clients the properties after that.

Steal this house season 2

Details regarding the Season 2 of the Steal This House series

HGTV has not made any official statement regarding releasing the second season of the Steal This House series. New episodes of the series’ first season are yet to be released, so the producers are not very much worried about the series’ second season. After the sixth episode is successfully released on the 13th of August 2022, which will be the last episode of the first season, the producers might think about and announce the happening of the series’ second season. The audience and fans of the series can expect that the series’ producers will renew it for a second season as the topic of the series is unique and uncommon.

Steal This House Filming Locations

Exclusive Filming Locations Covered by the Steal This House series

The filming of the first season of the series Steal This House was completely done in Michigan, especially in the parts of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. This is where the lead actress and character of the series Cristy Lee have been living for a very long period. The production team of the series has traveled to different cities and locations within the metropolitan area region while Christian gradually takes on various improvement projects. The series has been very uncommon with its topic, and the producers have taken a risk regarding the happening of the series, but it has done a good job of attracting the audience’s attention.

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