Start an Epic Home Remodel With the Nix Mini Color Sensor

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Spring brings warmer weather, blooming flowers … and also the desire to redecorate/remodel your home.

With the Nothing mini 2 color sensor, you can channel your inner interior decorator easily and have so much fun adding some color and excitement to your home. Buy it today for $83.95 (Reg. $99) and save $15 off.

The Nix Mini is portable and sleek. It also works like magic. Easily able to identify any color with a simple scan, it’s perfect for those who work with color and paint regularly. When paired with the Nix Digital app, it uses the Photoshop eyedropper tool in real life to extract color information from any surface. You can also opt to download the Nix Paints app to match to more than 100,000 paint colors.

Any home remodeling or refreshing project is made many times easier with this incredible tool. Design pros, photographers, and DIYers can use it to get the most out of their creative projects. Use it to scan any surface, including painted walls, leather, plastic, fabric, dyes, vinyl, and more.

Save and organize all your favorite color palettes on the Nix app so you can reference them at any time. Share the colors with customers, friends, co-workers, etc. This deal includes free lifetime access to the Nix Paints app.

For only $83.95it can be yours today.

Prices subject to change.

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