Sponsor Spotlight: Home Remodeling Terms You Should Know About

Before an iron brother remodels …

…and then.

If terms from residential construction such as “list of hits” and “drawing” sound strange, you are not alone. Most homeowners are unfamiliar with the different terms used by transformers and builders to describe a project. Below is a glossary of some common terms used by builders and redesigners to help you understand the language that is related to your project:

Aid: A specific dollar amount allocated by a contractor for specific items in a contract for which the brand, model number, color, size, or other details are not yet known.

Offer: A proposal to work for a certain amount of money based on plans and specifications for the project.

Certified aging-in-place specialist (CAPS): A CAPS professional is well versed in the strategies and techniques required to meet the needs of homeowners who want to continue to live safely, independently, and comfortably in their homes regardless of age or proficiency level.

To draw: A drawing is a detailed payment schedule for a construction project. A specific payment is “drawn” from the entire project budget to pay for the services that have been completed to date.

Change the order: Written approval to the contractor to make changes or additions to the work described in the original contract. The change order should reflect any changes in costs.

Hit list: A list of work items to be performed or corrected by the contractor, usually near or at the end of a project.

Subcontractor: A person or company hired directly by the contractor to perform specific work on the construction site, such as a plumber or electrician, and is sometimes referred to as a trader.

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– By Joseph Irons, President of Irons Brothers Construction, Inc.

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