South Beloit City Council discusses Illinois News driveway standards

SOUTH BELOIT – South Beloit City Council members discussed at length the requirements for driveways in the city during their meeting on Monday.

Deputy Prosecutor Aaron Szeto said it was important for the city to set standards in the city and be consistent to make sure the standards apply to everyone.

Szeto said the current requirements for driveways are that they should have an 8 “aggregate base and 3” asphalt surface. A concrete driveway is required to have a 5 “base and 5” concrete surface.

Councilor Tom Fitzgerald said he believed an 8-inch base was too big of a requirement, noting that most people don’t need that much since they only park a car or two in their driveways and no heavy trucks.

However, Councilor Ken Morse said the city should pay more attention to the appearance of the city and set uniform standards for access roads to ensure they are permanent. This is a step the city can take.

“We can’t make things cheaper any further. If we do it right, we won’t have any more chaos later, ”he said.

Fitzgerald also asked how the city will ensure that contractors building these driveways are following standards.

Mayor Ted Rehl said the city has permits that contractors and homeowners need to obtain for these construction projects. He suggested that representatives from the city’s engineering firm inspect the projects during construction to make sure everything was up to scratch.

Councilor Ryan Adleman said Szeto had researched the communities in the area and most had nearly identical standards for driveways. The city engineer also recommended that the city council keep its driveway standards where they are. He said that was good enough for him.

In other businesses, the council approved the purchase of a Stryker power-load system, which will be used to house stretcher bars in ambulances, at a cost of no more than $ 32,900.

The council also approved a refund to the Illinois Department of Transportation for $ 22,606.95. The refund was for a project near Oak Grove Avenue and Doner Drive that went unfinished.

The city council also approved repairs to a Baldor blower at the city’s sewage treatment plant, to be carried out by McGilvra Electric at a cost of no more than $ 2,580.

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