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It’s hard to hold Matt Miron responsible for hiring Home Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to install a couple of new thermostats in his Fitchburg home.

Home Comfort owner James Chancellor was the one who installed and serviced the home’s geothermal heating system when the home was built in 2009, he said. Presumably he knew his way around the factories.

Miron would realize he’d made a mistake of nearly two years.

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Miron, 39, said Chancellor told him in December 2019 that he could install two Nest thermostats, one of those “Internet of Things” that allows users, among other things, to adjust the temperature of their home remotely.

The Chancellor did not appear at the installation date on December 23, 2019, said Miron. In fact, he wasn’t able to use them until July 2020 – or at least try to. During his July 23 visit, Chancellor found that they weren’t going to work, Miron said.

In their place, the Chancellor sold him two Lennox thermostats for “1,100 US dollars in cash installed”.

But “from the date it was installed, it was not able to display it properly on my phone,” he said.

Other equipment and installation issues, including a week of no heating in April, ensued, Miron said. After all, he cut the Home Comfort cable and hired another company to install working thermostats last spring, he said.

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