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In a crowded landscape of home design / renovation TV shows, is there room for one more? This is what Marilynn Taylor of The Taylored Home is hoping for.

Her assignment was to design a kitchen, bathroom, living room and master bedroom for a Redondo Beach condominium in a combination of teal, blush, white and black with copper accents. She also had to work with special internals for the owner’s cat, dog, and fish.

“What makes this story stand out is that I worked with my sister Allison (Allain), a general contractor, to bring the project to life,” said Taylor, a resident of the Hollyglen neighborhood of Hawthorne.

It wasn’t the first time the sisters had come together to work on their remodeling magic. They did one in Manhattan Beach too.

“I loved every minute [being filmed]”She said.” I was a dancer when I was younger so I’m not nervous in front of the camera or on stage. I really, really loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. “

There’s a reason for the abundance of home renovation shows on TV, and why magazines are filled with stories of home improvement engaging in the mix: Home makeovers are huge, especially among millennials trying to make their own mark on the results. Plus, many people choose to stay home and upgrade where they can.

Attend shows depicting transformations and local designers / contractors doing this in real time.

Taylor’s HGTV episode was far from typical. She had an extremely tight schedule – 60 days – from design concept to completion.

“What people saw on TV was real,” she said. “I present my ideas to a customer and hope they like it.

“I do my best to get to know the customer, the colors they wear, the colors they want for their home, but it’s definitely a different process. You have a camera in front of your face most of the time. And of course you’ll want to try expanding the design space because it’s on TV. Sometimes customers get nervous, but in this case she’s a Jersey girl and bold decisions are her business. “

Taylor opted for a different countertop in the kitchen, wallpaper, and using the color black. She added white glass mosaic tiles with terracotta grout to give it the illusion of blush. The pattern is reminiscent of mussels and is the star of the kitchen. There is an open concept throughout, with blue-green and white cabinets and a wet bar with a built-in aquarium. The vinyl floor was chosen to suit pets and the budget.

“My customer wanted beach chic, a little more glamor,” she says. “Overall, we came up with a more elegant room, but she is an animal lover and we had to take that into account, especially with the furniture. She wanted a pink sofa and we opted for one with seat covers. ”

The Redondo Beach project was an obsolete condominium that had its own set of challenges.

“It’s interesting because there’s the wrong assumption that if it’s a condo, it’s less time and money because it’s a smaller space,” said Taylor. “It’s actually the opposite.”

Despite the pressure and challenges, everything went well. In fact, Taylor is drawn to the idea of ​​future television projects. She recently switched from her personal designer and client base to target a wider audience online. It now offers online know-how help together with economic restructuring advice.

“I listen to the people,” she says. “I watch your budget. I want to be cooperative. “

And maybe your own show? She is open to the idea.

Your niche would be helping customers interested in design but on a tight budget, opting for more retail than customization, and offering instant design with a library of pre-made layouts to choose from, possibly with a library of pre-made possible layouts.

“I would help customers know when to spend, where to spend and, perhaps more importantly, when not to, if they are on a reasonable budget,” she said. “I want to create spaces that allow people to relax, feel comfortable and secure, and I want to give them the tools to do so.”

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