Smart garage doors offer a tremendous opportunity for coronavirus

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak offers integrators several new options – from voice control to indoor air quality – but smart garage doors may be the least hanging fruit of all.

Because of the virus, homeowners are either in full swing or reluctant to go out on essentials such as groceries themselves. Therefore, home delivery services are a must. However, health officials have warned that the virus can live on surfaces like cardboard for long periods of time. Recommendations include keeping all supplies out of the house or in the garage for a period of time before bringing them inside.

This dynamic makes intelligent garage doors almost a necessity for homeowners and offers integrators a huge upgrade opportunity. New research from Strategy Analytics shows that more than half of all consumers in France, Germany, the UK and the US find the garage delivery idea extremely or very appealing.

In 2019, smart home consumers had an average of 29 packages delivered to their homes, and around one in four had a package stolen after it was delivered, according to the survey. It is therefore not surprising that home or garage delivery of parcels appeals to many consumers.

For integrators, the desire for in-garage delivery means customers need access control keypad systems outside of the home for their smart garage doors with special access codes for delivery services. This system can be tied to surveillance cameras, video doorbells and smart locks as a simple and instant upgrade package for existing customers.

In all of the countries surveyed, US smart home consumers found it most attractive to leave parcels at home or in garages. Germans have a greater preference for leaving parcels in their garages than in their homes. The French do not find it as attractive to leave parcels in their home or garage as consumers in the other countries surveyed. Consumers with intelligent garage door openers in all countries showed an even greater attractiveness for delivery in the garage.

Bill Ablondi, Head of Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategy Advisory Service, said, “In this COVID-19 era, people are shopping online a lot more than ever before and are concerned that their valuable packages will be stolen after delivery. Our survey found that most smart home consumers find the idea of ​​leaving parcels in their homes or garages appealing when they are informed of the delivery and can monitor the delivery person when they are away. “

Jack Narcotta, senior industry analyst in Strategy Analytics’ smart home strategy advisory service, added, “We believe that providers of cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, and attached garage door openers have the ability to work with delivery services to ensure a safe home – Guarantee home offer or parcel delivery in the garage. The consumers we surveyed already have smart home devices so they understand the benefits. Smarter and safer delivery services are a natural next step for many. “

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