SMART carpet and flooring reopened after nationwide quarantine

MANASQUAN, NJ, 28th July 2020 / PRNewswire / – SMART Carpet and Flooring ( officially announced that it has reopened after the quarantine, highlighting its popular mobile showroom options for customers shopping from home would like. Founded in 1995, SMART Carpet and Flooring has always provided shop-from-home options for New Jersey residents. Since then, this area of ​​coverage has expanded to include residential and business customers in New Jersey. Staten Island and east Pennsylvania. The showroom offers thousands of carpet and flooring options and allows customers to connect with flooring experts from the comfort of their doorstep. Call to make an appointment today.

SMART Carpet and Flooring offers home shopping opportunities with a mobile showroom

“It is an uncertain time right now, given the ongoing pandemic, and people are right to be concerned,” he said Paul Haney, Vice President of Advertising and Director of Sales at SMART Carpet. “That is why we have implemented a variety of solutions to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. All of our sales people are fully equipped with PPE: masks, gloves, ankle boots, etc. All of our documents are also wrapped in plastic. We are happy to say We were already very busy and part of that is down to our mobile showroom. The mobile showroom has become a popular option lately and has grown to be a superstar. Customers can call, schedule and We bring carpet and flooring options right to your door, along with a carpet and flooring expert to help you explore all of the options available. ”

Mobile Showroom: A safe and convenient way to shop

SMART Carpet and Flooring originally developed its mobile showroom to solve certain problems that certain customers had when choosing carpets in the store. For example, differences in lighting and decor can change the look of the floor in the showroom as opposed to the house. And questions like “Does this room look better with carpet or tiles?” and “Exactly how much coverage do I need?” can be answered immediately. The mobile showroom is stocked with over 4,000 carpet and flooring products so SMART carpet professionals can provide options and accurate estimates for each customer’s renovation needs.

SMART Carpet and Flooring always offers a wide variety of renovation flooring options, including vinyl, tile, stone or carpet options, to satisfy even the most discerning and selective buyer. Customers can choose from literally thousands of brands, and almost everything is included in a SMART Carpet installation: from the measurement and layout to the high quality upholstery and all of the installation work. SMART Carpet even moves the furniture for the process, ensuring a hassle-free and smooth renovation experience from start to finish.

SMART Carpet offers next day appointments, fast installations and a lifetime installation guarantee. More information is available online. or follow SMART Carpet and Flooring on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

About SMART carpet and flooring

As an original shop-at-home flooring supplier in the Tri-State region with deep roots in New JerseySMART Carpet and Flooring eliminates the need to buy new carpets and floors by doing everything at the customer’s home, where the choice of color and quality is most important. Since the company is a direct shopping service and not a store, SMART Carpet and Flooring customers can save up to 50 percent on typical store prices. SMART Carpet and Flooring covers everything from measurement and arrangement to installation and financing. Learn more at:

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