Six teens arrested after launching bricks through house window

SIX teens have been arrested after throwing bricks, one of which was launched through the window of a house.

On Thursday, police in Blackpool arrested five youngsters on suspicion of affray following reports that they had been throwing bricks and were being abusive towards a business in the town.

Another youth was also arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after launching a brick through a house window.

The six offenders were in custody on Thursday night awaiting questioning.

A police spokesperson said: “Five youths have been arrested on suspicion of affray after throwing bricks and being abusive towards a business.

“One youth has been arrested on suspicion of damage after throwing a brick through a house window.

“Your local neighborhood policing team and task force will continue targeting any offenders of Crime and ASB in this way.

“All six are now in custody awaiting questioning.”

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