Six concrete houses that are stormproof and stylish

Taggart Sorenson

With the trio of devastating hurricanes devastating parts of the United States and the Caribbean this fall, there is no doubt that many homeowners will be looking for a stronger and more resilient way to rebuild. The sheer devastation in cities like Houston, Jacksonville and San Juan, Puerto Rico is making home buyers think about buying a new home made out of sticks, bricks and mortar.

Builders in these areas are undoubtedly asked about concrete, one of the tried and tested and most resilient building materials in the construction industry. Whether with cast, cast or insulated concrete forms – houses that were built with this almost impermeable material are as durable as possible.

What may come as a surprise is that these bunker-like homes can look as good as they work. Here are six that stand up to mother nature, meet coast building codes, and also meet the highest aesthetic standards.

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