Sharing Knowledge in the HVAC Industry for an Improved Customer Experience

Good communication goes a long way and can often be the backbone for providing an efficient, friendly, and improved customer experience. While strong communication is a vital area for many industries, it is the trade industry that benefits the most from soft skills. Why do these skills matter so much and how can the customer benefit from a collaborative workforce?

On this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, hosts Tyler Kern and Greg Crumpton chat with guest Logan Marshall, Technicians Project Lead at Bluon, about his journey to an improved customer experience.

Bluon is all about upgrading the HVAC community – in every sense and for Marshall, there are a few key takeaways the HVAC industry is learning from, such as the improved method of communication among its members. Through a collaborative forum, HVAC members new and tenured can discuss and share projects and questions about any problem they are facing in their industrial environment.

Crumpton, Kern, and Marshall discuss…

● Being open to learning and growing is essential for building success in the trade

● An industry forum helps build collaboration, community, and knowledge among
the HVAC industry

● The HVAC industry can further improve by sharing its knowledge

“This trade is very unique, you know, and unique in a lot of very good ways and some bad ways as well…There’s only two kinds of technicians in this industry, that’s the technician who is going to get old and take all his knowledge to the grave with him and then there’s the technician who’s going to share it freely with everyone…,” said Marshall. “It’s becoming more and more predominant every day that the trades are just lacking so far.”

Marshall has been a part of the HVAC industry for over two decades. He has worked as an operational specialist and lead service technician building real-world experience and improving the customer experience.

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