Scope Technologies® launches new product to save siding contractors time, money and manpower

Sample page of a SidingScope report

SidingScope® streamlines tasks and minimizes any setbacks a siding company would normally experience while collecting siding measurements.

Scope Technologies, the leading provider of remote aerial measurements, is proud to announce the launch of SidingScope®. Using advanced photo technology, SidingScope® provides accurate and affordable measurement reports for siding companies, construction companies, roofers or any other party specializing in siding repairs, siding installations or siding inspections. These comprehensive reports save contractors time, money and manpower.

“SidingScope® was specially developed for end users,” says Jerod Raisch, CEO of Scope Technologies®. “Our goal in developing SidingScope® was to streamline the tasks and minimize any setbacks that a siding company would normally experience while collecting siding measurements.”

Scope Technologies® has developed a very simple ordering process to make getting siding measurements as easy as possible. The reports are also easy to read as Scope Technologies® combines all siding measurements into one clean, accurate report.

“Instead of letting one of your valuable employees drive to a construction site to measure the siding by hand, you can carry out all the necessary measurements with just a few clicks of the mouse,” says Raisch. “By making it easier to order reports, subsidiary companies can spend less time, money and manpower on measurement and focus their resources on developing their business and increasing their cash flow.”

SidingScope® reports contain only the essential information a contractor would need, including:

-Side and external ceiling dimensions

-Starter strip, panel / reveal and frieze board measurements

-Door, garage and window packaging dimensions

– Inside and outside corner dimensions

-Delete aerial photos from all angles

– Clean, color-coded simple drawings from all angles

To order a SidingScope® report or for more information, visit Discounts for large volume orders are available. For custom pricing, call 877-697-2673 to speak to a Scope Technologies® representative.

About Scope Technologies

Scope Technologies was founded in 2011 to help companies expand their business. Advanced mobile and cloud technologies provide tools that can be used to streamline processes to ultimately improve business results. The visionary leadership, engineering and programming teams at the Denver-based company develop Scope Technologies’ state-of-the-art systems and programs for use in the cloud for optimal deployment and growth.


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