Salt is the worst thing for your concrete driveway

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – It is the time of year when we can expect snow and ice on our roads and driveways. Many of us use salt to melt the ice and give it a better grip while driving.

But if you have a concrete driveway, salt could be your worst enemy. Salt absorbs moisture. This is how it melts the ice. However, with fluctuating temperatures, this moisture can also get into the pores of the concrete. When the moisture freezes again, it can expand and crack.

“We get a lot after the fact that customers come in and say we have a problem with chipped concrete. “Our concrete burst, what could have caused it?” Most of the time it’s the salt. It just picked up that moisture and made that pop, ”said Dan Johnson, manager of Farrell Equipment and Supply in Wausau.

He explained that sealing your driveway is one of the best ways to prevent salt damage. The window for this is usually September to November.

If you haven’t sealed your concrete driveway, sand is your best option to get a better grip on the road, according to Johnson.

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