Safety and hygiene in the kitchen with the Active Surfaces worktops from SapienStone

health has become the focus of all thoughts and behaviors in the last year. Goal to achieve extreme hygiene and security is a present need and will be an important key to our future.

Humans have been using the earth and nature for thousands of years and are totally dependent on them, but in today’s increasingly complex, artificial and virtual society, we spend most of our time indoors, which is why it is so important to make sure that the spaces are who we have built for ourselves to respond to the challenges of our time.

All companies that want to achieve something good design focused myself Innovation, aesthetic quality and ecology For many years; These concepts are now called upon to make an essential contribution to an absolute common value, the health of the individual and of the community as a whole.

The companies in the Iris Ceramica Group, a global milestone in ceramics, have always focused on this Research and innovationIn a process that began in the early 1960s when the group’s founder, Romano Minozzi, used this equation to become the forerunner of sustainability “Ecology = economy”.

In the last few decades, companies in the Iris Ceramica Group have invested “in the efficient use and recycling of materials, in the management of water resources, in the protection of air quality and in energy saving”.

Ceramic materials are indeed made natural minerals and dyes in a process that not only has to be sustainable, but also ecologically and ecologically compatible.

In summary, it can be said that this sensitivity and this commitment to environmental sustainability Active surfaces are photocatalytic ceramics that helps to purify the air and Improvement of the quality of life in rooms by becoming cleaner, healthier and more hygienic on both the floor and the walls.

Advantages and benefits of active surfaces

Active surfaces Transform the ceramics of the Iris Ceramica Group into “eco-active materials” for indoor and outdoor use.

Slabs treated with this method have a concrete antibacterial and antiviral effectsReducing the pollutants that are constantly present in urban life today.

Active Surfaces was developed in collaboration with the chemistry department of the University of Milan with ISO-certified effectiveness and is based on an active ingredient that triggers a photocatalytic reaction.
This method is based on photosynthesis, which breaks down substances harmful to humans among the many benefits.

Let’s see how this photocatalytic reaction works: “The presence of air (and the resulting moisture) and light activates a powerful oxidation process that leads to the decomposition of the organic and inorganic pollutants that come into contact with photocatalytic surfaces.”

In this case the photocatalyst is Titanium dioxide (TiO2), this is now combined with silver to improve its performance.

TiO2 is in the form of micrometric (not nanometric) particles on ceramic plates and poses no risk to human health or the environment during manufacture, application or final use.

The photocatalyst remains unchanged over time because it “triggers and accelerates the reaction, but its particles are not directly involved and are therefore not used up in the oxidation process”.
Substances present in the air alone, combined with light and moisture, eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria deposited on these surfaces, from the most common bacteria to antibiotic-resistant strains.

Finally, the silver, which has been added to TiO2 in a patented composition since 2017, offers a number of additional benefits, including the continuation of antibacterial and antiviral activity even in the dark or with LED light.

SapienStone Active Surfaces worktops

Ecoactive Active Surfaces ceramic materials are now also available for Surfaces in the kitchen, one of the rooms where maintenance is most important Cleanliness and hygiene every day.

Iris Ceramica Group created the SapienStone brand to solve problems with kitchen surfaces and harness the potential of high-tech ceramics to improve their performance.

This performance is now even more effective thanks to the Active Surfaces method, making these special kitchen worktops a antibacterial, antiviral and environmentally harmful effects.
And that’s not all: SapienStone Active Surfaces kitchen countertops also offer the benefit of Prevention of odor formation and are too self cleaning with their superhydrophilic surfaces.
They can be non-absorbent, resistant to stress and shock cleaned with normal soap and waterwithout aggressive chemical cleaning agents.

Ease of cleaning and odor control are two obvious advantages in the kitchen, not just at home but in cafeterias, bars and restaurants as well.

The Active Surfaces collection now includes four surfaces, including Calacatta Active and Calacatta Statuario Active.
These surfaces, inspired by famous marbles, offer the ideal solution for kitchens in a classic style with a contemporary touch, as their original veining varies in intensity.

Pietra Gray Active, one of the darker surfaces in the catalog, has fine white veins and creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the metropolis.

Last, Uni Ice Active is a very light, pure white surface that is particularly versatile and goes well with kitchens in every style.

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