Rosie on the House: Update Your Flooring and Reduce House & Garden Maintenance

Luxury vinyl planks are waterproof and therefore, unlike wooden floors, are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also easier to install than tiles.

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Question: We are preparing to restore the floor in our home. We consider the new lines of luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Do you have a good reputation?

Reply: Luxury vinyl flooring has certainly gained popularity. According to, LVP is currently one of the top three homeowners for flooring.

They’re more durable than laminate and less expensive than the other two most popular floor surfaces, wood and porcelain tiles. As they are waterproof, unlike wooden floors, they can be used in the kitchen and bathroom without any problems.

It seems that the days of carpeting or linoleum are a thing of the past. Tiles are always around, but the downside to tile is that grout is an ongoing maintenance problem. Carpet is great for sound control and a great choice for color and warmth, but homeowners are fed up with high-traffic areas.

Q: What is the difference between luxury vinyl planking and other products?

A: Luxury vinyl planks are easier to install than tiles. Vinyl is a floating product, which means it doesn’t get stuck in place. Each plank is backed with a foam or cork cushion so that the vinyl never touches the floor, only the foam or cork backing. This technology, which allows the boards to float, also prevents them from being affected by foundation displacement. The planks have interlocking edges so they can be locked in place.

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