Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring: More than 6 decades of service | Community

Members of the Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce host a ribbon cutting ceremony on the Rosenberg carpet Friday. The company was founded in 1958 by Tony and Hope Lopez and Gary Tavener. Rosenberg Carpet was expanded to include additional services and products this year. Owners, employees and members of the Chamber pose in front of a huge “Greetings from Rosenberg” mural painted by students on the side of the shop

Rosenberg Carpet & Flooring is more than just flooring.

Founded in 1958 by Tony and Hope Lopez and Gary Tavener, the company now offers shower, bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

“We now offer light renovation projects to suit all budgets,” said owner Michael Lopez, son of Tony and Hope.

“We still have high quality carpets and floors, but we want people to know that we are more than just a carpet and flooring company. We have more services now. “

The company’s employees at 1006 First St. have provided customers with high quality craftsmanship and service for more than six decades, said Michael.

Michael’s son Josh Lopez and his wife Ruby run the business.

Representatives from the Central Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday in honor of the company’s “grand reopening.”

Because the store is at the intersection of a major street – First Street and US 90A – it’s the perfect spot for a wall-sized mural.

At least that’s what a group of student artists thought, and Michael and his family agreed.

On the side of the building, the students painted “Greetings from Rosenberg”.

In every wall-sized letter there are pictures of Rosenberg icons – a water tower, the historic Cole cinema, a train, a cowboy riding a bull, the fair and even a feather duster flying overhead.

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