Rooter Hero offers 5 tips to avoid plumbing disasters while on vacation

“Many California homeowners are planning extravagant Christmas dinners and overnight guests this season, but not many think the extra water used by the guest showers or the extra meal preparation can overwhelm a home’s plumbing system,” said John Akhoian, Co-Founder and CEO of Rooter- Hero. “Inspecting the plumbing is just as important as laying out the decorations. This is what a homeowner should do to prepare their home for these events.”

Akhoian recommends the following:

  1. Check your home’s drains. Slow drains can become clogged drains as more people in the home use the shower, sink, and toilet. Make sure the water drains well and remove any debris before the guests arrive.
  2. Look for leaks. There may be a leak if there is standing water on the floor or a moldy or wet spot on the walls where pipes can be found. An above-average water bill can also signal a water leak. Homeowners who experience any of these issues should check their pipes for leaks. If the homeowner fails to locate the leak, a professional plumber has a leak detector they can use to help locate it.
  3. Make sure your garbage disposal is working properly. With guests comes additional food prep and meals. Make sure the trash can is grinding properly and not making strange noises before bringing in more pieces of food to process. Food should be cut into small pieces before being placed in the disposal container, and food should be added in small doses with running water. Use a garbage disposal cleaner to keep the unit in good condition and freshen up its smell before guests arrive.
  4. Service the water heater. If guests spend the night, they will likely need access to hot showers during their stay. Water heaters require annual maintenance to function consistently. A professional plumber can do a water heater tuning to make sure it works well both during the holiday season and all winter long.
  5. Watch what goes down the drains. Do not pour grease into the sink or flush anything down the toilet that should not be flushed. Fat solidifies and traps other debris that can quickly clog drains. Toilets are only intended for human waste and toilet paper. Instruct guests to throw towels and other toiletries in the trash rather than the toilet.

“You can decorate the house beautifully and prepare the best food in the world, but if the sink or toilet is clogged or your guests need to take a cold shower, they might just remember it,” Akhoian said. “When you prepare the plumbing in your home, you can focus on the celebration.”

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