Roofing material delivered to wrong address

A surprised Omaha homeowner has unusual lost and found items. A roof’s supplies fell on their driveway.

But Kristi NewMeyer says the driver should have checked.

“It’s obvious these don’t belong here,” she said.

NewMyer is not replacing their adobe bricks. Why $ 4,500 of roofing material was delivered to her home is a mystery she has been trying to solve. The homeowner said, “I’ve asked all over the neighborhood and texted everyone in the neighborhood. Do you know someone is getting a new roof? No.”

There is no receipt giving any indication of who ordered the material or where it should be going. Although NewMyer couldn’t find any identifying records, she posted her own note saying that anyone who comes back doesn’t accidentally tear off their roof.

Six on Your Side asked Omaha roofer Colin Andersen to look for labels that he telephoned a major supplier to pass on.

No answers yet, but Andersen knows that a homeowner or competitor is wondering where the roofing material he has ordered is. The owner of Integrity Builders said, “I have nightmares dreaming of this stuff happening, the material being delivered on the wrong roof, and my crew doing the wrong roof.”

NewMyer lives south of Dodge Street and checked the same address north, but no luck there either. She said, “I feel bad when someone gets paid for all of this and they don’t have it.”

Anyone who knows where the roofing materials should be delivered should contact Six on Your Side at 402-346-6666. We pass the information on to the homeowner.

If no one answers, she plans to donate the supplies.

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