Roofing company boss hailed a legend for surprising workers with party

A ROOFING company boss has been hailed a legend after surprising his entire workforce with a pool party and BBQ during the heatwave.

Stuart Houston gave all his staff a paid day off on Monday and put on a party in the car park of the HG Roofing Supplies building in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Staff turned up to find the managing director had laid out two pools, fold-up chairs, games, beers, a meat-filled BBQ and music for them all to enjoy.

Roofer Dylan Foster captured a video as he pulled into the yard expecting to be turning up to work on the 33°c day.

Video shows two pools filled with a variety of inflatable toys including flamingos and palm trees.

Burgers and sausages are shown sizzling away on a barbeque as the team enjoyed their extra day off.

Two roofers were captured playing badminton with their tops off as music played in the background.

The clip ends as 22-year-old Dylan is shown enjoying his time in the pool while laying on a floating hoop.

Dylan posted the video on TikTok on Monday where it has received over 1.8m views and more than 206,000 likes.

Thousands of people left comments praising Dylan’s boss for the party.

The company hired two large pools for the day. Credit: HG Roofing Supplies

One said: “Top boss, it makes no sense to have people work in this heat.”

Another wrote: “Nah, your boss is a legend.”

A third added: “I’d say boss of the month goes to your boss.”

Another commented: “Your boss understands the assignment. What a legend. I would work twice as hard for a boss like that.”

While another person said: “That’s a belting boss. Keep your staff happy and they stay loyal.”

Speaking today, Dylan said: “When I turned up to work I thought it was a photoshoot at first from the outside.

“As I walked in it was like something out of Love Island with the swimming pools, barbeque and music with inflatable palm trees.”

Stuart Houston, managing director of HG Roofing Supplies, said: “We made the decision at the end of last week when we knew it was going to be hot.

“We just thought we would treat the lads with a pool party and barbeque, give them a paid day off due to the inclement weather.

“We always try to treat the lads once or twice a year when we can.”

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