Roofing companies working sun up to sun down following two weeks of damaging storms

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Roofing companies are up to their rafters in storm damage repairs following two weeks of violent storms.

The derecho in mid-May and this most recent storm over the holiday weekend produced winds over 90 mph and large hail that took a devastating toll on many rooftops.

Travis Altenhofen of Paramount Exteriors has been busy inspecting and fixing damaged roofs.

“Most people work 9-5 we are 6 to 10,” Altenhofen said.

Derecho damage means more work for busy contractors

In other words, from sun up to sun down.

“I’ve been doing inspections where I’m getting off due to the sunlight not being able to see what we are looking for,” Altenhofen said.

A lot of homes suffered wind and hail damage.

When it comes to hail damage, most homeowners can’t see it on the ground, that’s when they need to get up on the rooftops to take a closer look.

“What you see from the ground is definitely not what you see when you are on the roof,” Altenhofen said.

Altenhofen says among other things, he’s looking for dented shingles.

“Most homeowners can relate to a divot on a golf course we are looking for where the hailstone hit the shingle and then bruised it and you have granule loss,” Altenhofen said.

Tim Jorgenson of Brandon knows all about that. Last year his house needed its shingles replaced following a hail storm.

This time it’s his commercial business that got hit by the same storm that damaged the Brandon water tower.

Tornado touches down on Missouri River

“Same thing, gutters, shingles, tore some flashing off the side of the building,” Tim Jorgenson said.

Don Jorgenson: And that’s got to get repaired yet?
Tim Jorgenson: Yes, I have full confidence it’ll be fixed shortly.

But Altenhofen says that might not be the case as roofers now face a backlog of work, that could push projects back weeks or even months.

“If you get your claims sooner rather than later, the chances of getting your work done this season is much better,” Altenhofen said.

Homeowners can also do a quick inspection of their own by looking for hail dents on any soft metals like eve spouts or vents.

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