Roofers must have a license | news

After Monday morning’s storm, it wasn’t long before contractors gathered in the Abilene area to commission work.

“We have a process for that,” said city manager Jane Foltz on Monday afternoon at the study session of the Abilene City Commission. “It doesn’t take long for people promoting this business to come here. But we have to take steps. “

She said roofers need to be licensed.

“We want to let our citizens know that they will have a license with them when they go through the ownership channels,” she said.

Inspector Tim Shafer held up the information posted on his door Monday.

“I found this on my door when I got to this meeting,” he said.

“People knocked on the doors of the neighborhood. They said they were sent from the city. They were not. We want to make it very clear that there is a process and we posted that on Facebook and will post it on our city website.

Several homes and businesses recently suffered storm damage. As a reminder, anyone wishing to promote work (roofing, cleanup, etc.) must complete the Abilene City Attorney or Advertising License Application at

“The storm, which pulled through Abilene with strong winds and small and large hailstones, caused considerable damage to Abilene airport,” said Foltz. “The planes inside were also damaged. The owners of these aircraft have been notified. “

The city is meeting with the insurance experts today.

She said the staff are accessing other damages.

“There was also considerable damage in the city center,” she said.

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