Robotic lawnmowers are among the top 10 smart tech items Brits want to get the most out of their garden

The research was commissioned by TalkTalk, who partnered with technology expert Jason Bradbury to create the “Smart Garden of the Future” and bring their Future Fiber and eero plans to market

Jason Bradbury tests a sprinkler

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Millions of Britons do not use their gardens optimally – because, according to a study, their WLAN does not extend outside.

Research among 2,000 adults found that a quarter would like to watch TV in the garden and one in five would work outside if there was an internet connection.

One fifth would do their online shopping outdoors, almost one in six (15 percent) would do online workouts, and more than one in ten would take their games out into the garden.

One in three said they would make more use of their outside space if they could go online.

In response to the results, connectivity provider TalkTalk has teamed up with technology expert Jason Bradbury to create the “Smart Garden of the Future”.

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Jason Bradbury is stuck in the garden


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Working alongside Jason Bradbury, floral design expert Rebel Rebel made the garden of the future bloom by staging smart tech against a beautiful backdrop of sunflowers, cosmos, sage, fennel, hydrangea, marigold, geranium and ivy.

TalkTalk’s Jonathan Kini, who commissioned the research to launch its Future Fiber and eero plans, said, “We know how important everyone’s living space has become over the past 12 months – with the British spending a lot of time, money and invest care in their rooms.

“Outside spaces are really an extension of the house, so there’s no reason not to connect them together.”

Jason uses his phone to control a smart technology – a robotic lawnmower


Oliver Dixon SWNS)

The investigation found that the UK lockdown forced overcrowded families to reassess the use of their homes, with six in ten using their gardens more than ever.

Almost half used it as an entertainment room (47 percent), almost two thirds used it for relaxation (60 percent).

For those who had upgraded their outdoor areas, the optimizations ranged from the final refreshment of the borders (46 percent) to the creation of home entertainment (13 percent) or movement areas (14 percent).

Jason sits back and lets the technician do the work by controlling a robotic lawnmower from his cell phone


Oliver Dixon SWNS)

However, nearly four in ten Britons (39 percent) fear that the hard work and investment in their outdoor spaces will be wasted due to lack of irrigation or maintenance.

As a result, nearly a third of those surveyed on OnePoll have considered modifying their outdoor areas to make maintenance easier when they are away – and another 25 percent welcome tech-based solutions to help with maintenance.

This could include robotic lawnmowers, sensors that know when to water plants – and birdhouses that fill themselves up.

Jason used technology and the eero to create his own smart garden


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Jason Bradbury said, “As you can imagine, I have a lot of gadgets in my house that make my and my family’s lives better.

“With a powerful Wi-Fi connection, users can create their own ‘smart garden’ like the one I helped create, which means they can enjoy and maintain their outdoor space even when they are not at home.”

TalkTalk’s Jonathan Kini added, “Our affordable new Future Fiber and eero plans bring busy households the latest technology, superior speeds, expanded Wi-Fi signal and reliable performance – so customers can get the most out of their space – both indoors and out outdoors .”

Participate in the flower beds


Oliver Dixon SWNS)

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Top 10 smart tech items that the British need for their garden

1. Irrigation sensors (41 percent)
2. Robot lawnmower (41 percent)
3. Smart sprinkler (40 percent)
4. Smart BBQ accessories e.g. temperature display (37 percent)
5.Smart speaker (36 percent)
6. Smart garden accessories e.g. water feature (36 percent)
7.Smart locks for sheds / gardens / gates (35 percent)
8.Smart fireplace (34 percent)
9. Plant sensors (33 percent)
10.Smart bird feeders (32 percent)

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