Robotic lawn mowing arrives in Oklahoma

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Mowbot’s high-tech franchise brings the future of lawn care to the Edmond area

September 04, 2020 // // OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Mowbot, the Nationwide Leading Robotic Lawn Mower Service Opens Its First Location in Oklahoma – Mowbot in Central Oklahoma!

Local business owner Tom Pearson is partnering with Mowbot, a new state-of-the-art national franchise, and Husqvarna, the world’s leading provider of outdoor power products, to bring robotic lawnmowers to lawn-loving businesses and homeowners in the Edmond area.

The little bot, which works with GPS technology and artificial intelligence, lives in homeowners and runs entirely on battery power. The high-tech lawn service is disrupting the $ 99.5 billion worth of dirty lawn care industry with its clean, green, and quiet solution to lawn mowing. It’s the perfect way for homeowners, campuses, recreation rooms, property management groups, landscaping companies and homeowners associations, to save the time and the environment while tending to Oklahoma grasses.

Career switch after COVID

After a 30 year career in IT and a layoff during COVID, Pearson decided it was time to switch gears and create his own job by investing in the explosive robotics industry with Mowbot. Robotic mowers have always interested him, and he has seen firsthand the problem of traditional lawn crews being canceled due to labor shortages or weather. Mowbot eliminates these problems because the bot does the work itself day or night, rain or shine, while the home and business owners can do other things.

“There’s no such thing in the Edmond area,” said Tom Pearson. “Oklahomans will be responsive to the green aspect and will quickly recognize Mowbot as the right company to take care of their grass. Once people see it in action, they are hooked! Due to my technical background, Mowbot is an excellent fit for me and this area. “

According to Pearson, the benefits of using mowbot during COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding how the virus will be transmitted are particularly attractive. Mowbot removes trust in traditional lawn crews who roam farm to farm. With the bot, you don’t have to worry about social distancing and disease spread. Additionally, the battery-powered bot’s quiet motor is a welcome alternative to the noisy blowers and mowers that disrupt the workflow in home offices across central Oklahoma.

North Carolina-based businesspeople Tony Hopp and Jeff Dudan founded Mowbot because they saw the robotic revolution coming. Also the opportunity to be a major disruptor in the outdated and dirty lawn care industry that will benefit from an environmentally friendly, high tech alternative.

“This is the right place and time to launch Mowbot in central Oklahoma,” said Tony Hopp, CEO of Mowbot. “We are very excited to continue to bring this world-class technology to new areas and to welcome Tom Pearson to the Mowbot family.”

Central Oklahoma’s Mowbot serves most of Edmond and Witcher. For more information on the latest high-tech lawn care business in Central Oklahoma, visit the Mowbot of Central Oklahoma website.

About Mowbot

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Mowbot was founded in 2017 by a proven team with experience building a vast network of home service franchises and building businesses with new and innovative technologies. The team has a unique background that combines a deep understanding of the technical platform with franchise operations. Mowbot comes to market with a proven infrastructure to support franchisees and a business concept that aims to provide residential and commercial customers with robotic lawn mowers in the most responsible and efficient manner.




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