‘Rewatha’ killed by electric fence, suspect arrested

A suspect (48) was arrested by wildlife officers in connection with the death of the giant Tusker ‘Rewatha’.

Officials from the Ganewalpola Wildlife Office said the suspect is a resident of Kekirawa. It was supposed to be produced in front of the Kekirawa Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The largest tusk that roams the Kala Wewa Forest Reserve known as ‘Rewatha’ was found dead on Tuesday near a cultivation facility in Aliyawetunuwewa, Kekirawa. That of Anuradhapura, Pandulagama veterinarian Dr. Chandana Jayasinghe, who performed postmortem, found that the cause of death was electric shock. The animal is believed to have been electrocuted after being inappropriately exposed to an electric fence in the Kala Wewa Forest Reserve to protect Chena cultivation.

Wildlife officers said the tuskers may have roamed the area in search of food. The electric fence was built by a private party.

The tusker was about ten feet tall and 45 years old. The pair of tasks was about three and a half feet long. ‘Rewatha’ was popular with tourists who came to Kala Wewa and Ritigala. Further research continues.

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