Revolutionary Eclipse ™ Rapid Wall Repair Patches are the fastest, strongest and thinnest drywall repair solution from DAP

Eclipse is designed to help solve the most common drywall repair frustrations that professionals and home improvement professionals face. Eclipse is a purpose-built, all-in-one solution for drywall repair that doesn’t require spackling, sanding, or additional tools to ensure a smooth repair, patch the damage and it’s out-of-the-box, making projects in minutes rather than hours or days can be completed.

“Our Eclipse patches are the easiest and fastest solution to drywall repair and will fundamentally transform the way professionals and home improvement view and approach drywall repair,” he said Megan Youngs, Senior Product Manager at DAP. “It’s a unique solution that will help you complete your project faster and tackle the most common drywall repair challenges. Our innovative design eliminates the need for putty or sanding. It allows for a smooth, seamless repair while providing a smooth repair. ” Strength and durability for areas around the home that may be exposed to recurring impacts. “

Eclipse offers excellent door handle impact resistance and is stronger than drywall and cannot be beaten by other repair solutions. It provides a permanent, long-lasting repair that won’t peel or lose adhesion over time. Specifically designed for easy mixing, DAP Eclipse offers a smooth repair that doesn’t blink after painting for a superior and flawless finish.

“Eclipse takes the hassle, clutter, and challenge of drywall repairs while providing a smooth, long-lasting repair,” added Youngs. “It can even withstand repeated knocks, such as from a doorknob, which is an important feature for such a quick and easy patch solution.”

DAP Eclipse Rapid Wall Repair Patches will be available nationwide at The Home Depot from September and come in a variety of sizes to tackle almost any repair:

  • 2 inch patch, great for small repairs like nail holes, nail bangs, screw holes, damage to anchor and cable removal.
  • 4 inch patch ideal for medium repairs including everyday wall damage from moving furniture, rough living / accidents, or moving towel rails.
  • 6 “patch ideal for larger repairs up to 3” in diameter and specially designed to withstand door knob knocks.

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