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The new will always replace the old! Renewal is a way of life, both animate and inanimate. So are you thinking of a complete renovation of your home? If so, the chances are slim that few items are the same. You want your home to look brand new. This opens up the possibility of getting in contact with architects and interior designers from ace home to discuss ideas and decide on the final look.

You have probably been searching the internet for the latest home decor trends, the latest in floor and living room, bedroom, study decor and kitchen furnishings. You may also have pinned some visually stunning images on Pinterest. But when it comes to making the best decisions, homeowners face the problem of abundance. Here you can count on the expert services offered by home renovation companies in Singapore. These companies are experts at successfully running fantastic residential and business projects. Below are some of the exciting trends that you can relate to.

  1. Check out satin brass

It’s time for a comeback for brass surfaces! Homeowners love this trend because they can get back to the bright gold tones of their living space at an affordable price. However, these days, seasoned home decor designers aren’t particularly interested in the polished brass reflective surface. Instead, most of them suggest brushed brass or satin brass, which gives a warmer and muted tone.

Interior designers like to recommend brass staining as it compliments different styles and is temporary. You can use it in your living room and kitchen alike. It looks perfect against any of the seven colors. This trend is gradually increasing. Even homeowners today combine this design with other eclectic looks and finishes.

  1. Add more beauty to the space on your doorstep

Your seat at the front door could be a game changer for you! It can impress people within the first few minutes of walking into your room. It is both the first and the last transition area of ​​a house. You can add more beauty to this space by repainting the front door, replacing the light on the porch, re-creating the house numbers, using a brand new doormat, and more. Regular cleaning also contributes to the overall appearance. If you ever plan to sell the home in the future, an impressive looking front door area will add lucrative value.

  1. Get tech savvy with voice assistants

With all the breathtaking aesthetics of home decor, there is no way you want to go without the latest technology. Voice assistants are all the rage. This trend is getting bigger and better every day. It makes your life smooth, comfortable, and your home looks technologically updated and spectacular. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are two important names to count on. These devices work by simply activating the names and are places all over your home. The device continuously listens to what you passively say. As soon as you pronounce the activation term, the device is triggered and follows your command. You can ask Google Home and Alexa everything from the weather updates to playing a song to dimming the lights in your living room.

If you want to boast a smart home ecosystem, you’ve come to the right place! The technology is in a flourishing stage and is being expanded many times over with interesting updates. So if you install it during your current renovation, you can upgrade as there is a technology update. Voice assistants help you transform your home into a New Age globe with electronic assistance for your commands.

  1. Cream and white

White has its own aura! It’s minimalist and sober. And you can’t overlook the freshness that a white room brings with it. It makes a classy and clean impression. However, if you unknowingly use bold whites, your room may appear very clinical. This is not what you want for your interior design. Feel free to balance the white palette with an off-white tone along with other natural linen colors. It creates a great look and gives your room the character you want.

  1. Develop spaces in your home to create beautiful life memories

Life is incomplete without loving and cherished memories! It adds richness and depth to your quality of life. And your home, with its furnishings and rooms, plays a crucial role in creating memories. Here you can build a gazebo, deck or patio. It can be a place where you and your loving family members, dear friends, and other loved ones can gather and be together for hours. You and your loved ones can enjoy a summer afternoon or winter evening here with warm conversations and good food. It’s always good to have your patio, gazebo, or deck covered. This way you can protect yourself from the natural elements.

Do you have an extended area outside of your home? Or is there an extra room that you can use? If so, give shape to this idea with the help of a great interior designer and you can create and live the best moments with your closest ones.

  1. Add in green

Life around plants should have a positive effect on your life! Add more green to your interior for a revitalizing effect. The warm wood tones are also visually appealing.

  1. Say yes to the freezers

A new age refrigerator can be the flagship of your kitchen. If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, go for this feature. It fits very well in medium to small kitchens. These refrigerators sit neatly with the countertops and adjacent cabinets. It helps to free up additional space and simplifies the appearance of your kitchen.

These are some of the exciting home renovation ideas to count on. However, it’s important to identify the trends that will complement your home, its surroundings, the locale, and your budget capacity. It is a wise decision to get in touch with an ace designer and interior designer to decide what is best for your new home.

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