Repair large drywall repairs in record time with the new Premium Spackling from DAP

Specifically designed for large drywall repairs, DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling is a professional leveling filler that allows users to complete large drywall repair projects eight times faster than other heavy duty fillers. The smooth one-strike application leaves a rock-hard layer that won’t sink, shrink or crack, offers excellent impact resistance and is ready to paint in just 15 minutes.

“Professionals and homeowners can now get the best of both worlds with DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling,” he said Megan Youngs, Senior Product Manager at DAP. “With our innovative hybrid formula, you can’t compromise on performance. You can expect the same high quality results that heavy putty – typically required for large drywall projects – would give, but with an even faster drying time than light putty.” . “

The smooth appearance of the putty can be lightly sanded after an hour for an even and flawless finish. This provides the ideal surface for paint jobs that don’t need priming and don’t blink when done. DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling offers professional strength and durability, and offers three times more impact resistance than the competition. This ready-to-use formula is also low odor, easy to clean and can be used for indoor and outdoor repairs.

DAP Fast Dry Premium Spackling is sold in pint and quart containers and is available at major home centers like The Home Depot and local hardware stores across the country. More information is available at

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