Reimagine your outdoor living space with a bespoke build that will make your dreams come true

Trends in custom pool designs, fountains, fire properties, outdoor kitchens and much more!

Building backyard living experiences has become a lifestyle trend for homeowners looking to redesign their outdoor living space. Elegant, clean and timeless trends in individual pool designs, terraces and outdoor kitchens ensure that every outdoor environment is transformed into a distinctive living space that corresponds to the personal lifestyle needs of the home owner.

A “custom build” can mean two options. The first is working with a company that offers templates for design options customized by color, size, and landscaping. This course is a simplified option for homeowners looking for basic styles and materials without knowing where to start.

A true custom build is based on the customer’s personal preferences and expectations. This second option takes into account the lifestyle and desires of the client, as well as an analysis of the unique shape and terrain of the backyard space. The result is custom-made, and no two exterior designs are ever the same.

Ashton PoolsHomeowners looking for a complete backyard experience with lighting, audio, landscaping, fencing, and other outdoor features should consider choosing a qualified company to manage the entire property. This team approach has the advantage of synergy effects and cohesion, requires less time and on-time completion.

The alternative is for the homeowner to become the project manager, select the individual contractors, and then oversee each specific area of ​​the building from concept to completion. This course falls to the homeowner to be the expert, which requires a lot of personal commitment and a lot of time to coordinate.

The latest trends in tailor-made backyard experiences include:

  • Freeform, geometric and luxury pool styles
  • Fountains and waterfalls
  • In-pool furniture
  • Natural stones
  • Waterline tiles that match the pavement with fewer material variations make for a cleaner look
  • Planters for fun and strategic placement like those used in resort pools for privacy
  • Fire pits, chimneys, and linear fire features
  • Brick grills, Italian pizza ovens and terraces with spacious outdoor kitchens
  • Expanded outdoor living space for furniture

Ashton Pools by Design is based in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Your custom design process always starts with a blank board and lots of questions. The team spends a lot of time with customers, asks about their lifestyle and everyday habits and learns details about their living space, e.g. B. whether it is rented out or is a permanent residence and the number of family members who inhabit it.

Answers to questions about the use of pets and pools shape every detail. For example, a pool for a large family of six looks different than a pool for two retirees swimming laps. And having an active dog around the house means exploring the best pool finish to avoid scratching when jumping in the water.

The custom creation process takes longer than selecting pre-made items from a catalog. While some customers have their plot map plans and a free schedule for answering questions on hand, others may not be as well prepared. From request to design, it can take anywhere from 30 days to 60 or 90 days. While the length of time can vary, the Ashton Pools team ensures that every detail is considered to ensure that the customer’s full needs are met.

Once the customer’s needs are fully identified, Ashton Pools uses a 3D rendering using computer generated design technology to create the intended design. The next step is to invite the client to the design studio to view the entire design on the big screen. Even then, there may be additional changes from the original composition to the final design.

Ashton Pools

Ashton Pools goes beyond customizing pools to include hardscaping, outdoor kitchens, Italian pizza ovens, audio systems, cabanas, furniture, fire pits and outdoor lighting. Your outdoor living ideas bring enjoyment in the garden to a completely new level. This includes a built-in margarita machine, wine fridge, kegerator, and flat-top grill for eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Everything is beautifully and functionally designed, always with the customer’s lifestyle in mind.

In order to stay up to date with the latest design, the company invests in the training of all employees. Joe Ashton, President and Founder, is both a certified service technician and contractor in the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance, placing him in a class of only 150 to carry this award.

Ashton Pools prides itself on being Delaware’s only representative of the Master Pools Guild, an elite organization that requires ongoing training to maintain its membership. Team members are encouraged to attend similar courses and conferences to keep up with their training.

Joe Ashton explains, “The concept of outdoor living speaks to something a customer can see in a catalog that is meant to stimulate the imagination. You see yourself sitting on this furniture and living this life. We want to offer our customers this type of experience while still keeping in mind who they are, what space they have and what needs they have. “

Nicole Ashton, co-owner, adds: “This is where your ideas and our ideas meet. That’s where the magic happens. We love that no two jobs look like the other. Everyone is customized; really designed for each and every customer. “

Ashton Pools
Nicole shares the following tips for homeowners considering customizing their backyard experience:

  • Take into account your wishes and needs for your living space and whether a tailor-made solution is the answer for you
  • Determine whether you prefer to manage individual contractors or whether a company will manage the project from start to finish
  • Find an experienced expert who will reinterpret your distinctive space and transform it into an ideal, luxurious environment that meets your lifestyle needs

For more information on custom pool design, contact Ashton Pools By Design (302) 786-0962 or email [email protected].

37458 Oyster House Road, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.

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