Redesign of the market forecasts 2026 according to end use (residential, commercial)

Pune, India, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Significant growth is expected for the global renovation market in the forecast period due to the increase in construction activities. Over the years, the traction to remodel aging infrastructure has increased along with innovations in building interiors. Renovation and conversion activities are increasing in residential and commercial buildings.

With growth in construction projects and increasing demand for aesthetic interiors, stakeholders are likely to increase their investment in the landscape. An increase in the number of custom designs for residential and commercial interiors will benefit key industry participants. In terms of revenue, the global remodeling market will grow significantly through 2026.

Some of the regional trends that are believed to have an impact on the industry outlook are outlined below:

North America is witnessing the renovation of the living area

The US, Canada, and Mexico are likely to see significant investments in the residential sector. The growing demand for aesthetic value in the home will boost the region’s source of income. Residential real estate market revenues in North America are set to grow more than 4% through 2026.

More importantly, the trend towards do-it-yourself processes and the proliferation of aging residential infrastructures will cement the position of the remodeling industry in the region. The compelling demand for aesthetic interiors and the implementation of intelligent functions will drive the expansion of the industry.

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USA dominate the market share in North America

Stakeholders are ready to raise funds in the United States due to the presence of major remodeling companies. The US is observing the trend towards energy efficient programs and IoT in the construction industry. Innovations likely play an important role in completing and changing the interior. Harvard University claims that remodeling industry revenue was set at more than $ 400 billion in 2017.

The increasing trend in the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms will strengthen the trust of the interest groups in the region. Also, end users are likely to have traction for real estate remodeling, disaster remodeling, and systems and equipment remodeling.

Renovation in the living area in demand in Europe

As the construction industry rebounds in the UK, Germany and Italy, industry participants are likely to redesign and renovate. The robust demand for aesthetic appeal in interiors of residential buildings will be felt over the next six years. The share of European industry in the residential sector is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR of 3.4% through 2026.

In view of the trend in the living area, end users have increasingly invested in interior design and renovation. A significant increase in the number of construction projects has reinforced the trend towards remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. It’s worth noting that robust demand for property improvement, system & equipment, and disaster repair projects will stimulate the growth of the other category.

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Considerable expenditure in the German economy

After the emergence of new renovation companies in Europe, Germany is likely to develop into a lucrative center in the regional renovation market. In Germany, investments in exterior and interior buildings are expected to be made, with intelligent technologies gaining momentum in the region.

Stakeholders will continue to fund in Europe and count on the increasing presence of renewable energy sources. In Europe, the construction industry is likely to be integrated with advanced technologies such as smart materials, IoT, Building Information Modeling (BIM), collaborative platforms and apps, and data to promote sustainable and affordable infrastructure.

Consistent expansion of the commercial sector in APAC

Emerging economies such as India have increasingly focused on the renovation of retail space and thus increased their market share in renovation in the Asia-Pacific region. The participants from industry are likely to gain a foothold in the commercial sector. Recently, restaurant and office renovations have picked up along with the trend towards remodeling projects. The retail space renovation sub-segment in APAC is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 4.5% through 2026.

With the demand for aesthetic value increasing, stakeholders will continue to provide funding for indoor additions and changes. In the Asia-Pacific region, kitchen and bathroom renovation projects will increase. The presence of new technology companies and the use of modern technologies will further cement the position of the APAC remodeling industry.

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China’s markets are said to be full of investment

As the COVID-19 fallout becomes ubiquitous in the Asia-Pacific region, China, along with India, saw an economic recovery. So much so that the raw material supply has gradually picked up pace, which is having a positive impact on the industry outlook.

A notable surge in construction projects in India and China offers stakeholders lucrative opportunities to expand their presence in undeveloped areas. The increasing trend towards the conversion of aging buildings to increase sustainability is likely to trigger investments in the global conversion market. With the increase in construction and renovation activities, market participants are likely to inject more funds into the industry.

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