QuinStreet: Modernize.com advises on spring cleaning for vinyl siding

Regular cleaning can help preserve the appearance of outdoor areas

FOSTER CITY, CA, April 13, 2021 – It’s time for homeowners to think about cleaning projects that they couldn’t do due to bad winter weather. Modernize.com, a leader in the home improvement and home services industry, teaches consumers the best way to maintain vinyl siding. Please refer to the instructions: How to clean vinyl siding.

To do this job, homeowners will need:

  • A cleaning brush. A long-handled brush with soft bristles is best for reaching large sections of siding.
  • Cleaning solution. People can easily make light or heavy detergents themselves with everyday household items.
  • A ladder. Those with one-story homes may be able to clean the full length of the siding with a long-handled brush, but others may need a step or extension ladder.

After a good cleaning, homeowners may still find that their vinyl siding has lost some of its shine. Modernize’s guide on how to freshen up fading siding has tips on painting and making simple repairs.

Vinyl siding is a popular choice among homeowners because of its durability and affordability. It still has to wait, ”said Gregg Hicks, Vice President of Modernize.com. “While cleaning the siding, homeowners should also check for any damaged or dented sections and make any repairs necessary.”

Hicks is on hand to discuss what types of vinyl siding projects can reasonably be completed by homeowners and when it might make sense to hire a skilled vinyl siding and other home improvement contractor this spring.

Via Modernize.com
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